Solutions for Australia’s massive Housing Issue.


Housing Solutions


1) We can still keep Negative Gearing though stop it after their 1st or maybe? their 2nd Residential investment property. 


2) Reinstate the full Capital Gains Tax or make them wait longer for their 50% discount to 4 years or so.Instead of the very short  12 months.


3) Stop handing out The people’s money for Government Home Loan Grants. Maybe some small amount for people earning  $50,000 or under a year. And maybe some Tax incentives.


4) And start taxing short-term holiday rentals like Airbnb much more.This would ease long term rental availability and cost of long term rental prices. Interestingly I have friend called Pommy Mark who said he couldn't wait to pay more tax for his Airbnb property. As he said his new adopted country has been so to good him. And he feels he need’s to give back to society that helped make him wealthy. A truly wonderful human being.