Have you heard the story about the person who had so many precious possessions that they locked them away in a room? To ensure no one touched them, they put a notice on the door warning people not to enter without permission. Then, they went out for a long walk. When they returned, they saw the notice and, since no one was around to give them permission, the door stayed closed to them and those priceless objects remained hidden from their view. Don’t be restricted by a rule you’ve invented today. You’re free to break it.



I read this Horoscope reading today for Capricorn. I wonder what the writer is suggesting here ??????. Is it a break- in or a break through. They say a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. So too is motivation; so beware of the narrative. One must be careful as to what one reads these days. Some sponges take things literally. So it pays the read things very carefully. So on a reread I am sure the writer only has a truly positive good will message for all Capricorns.