No Nu or Clear Solutions

A couple of decades ago a US Puppet told us that Iraq had “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. And experts told us they didn’t. And people keeping a keen eye and ear on the news believed the experts and they were proved right. Now, we have the same old try-hards pushing to have Nuclear Energy in Australia. Sane people would get on board to make sure that every structure across the land had Solar Panels on it. Imagine if we were all on the same page in this country on this. We could move mountains. But here we go again with the Hatfields vrs McCoys. Black vrs white. The same type of puppets are back again pushing the same old barrow for Big Business or the wealthy one percenters. And The Right are suggesting that the people pay for it. That’s one incredible and clever ruse. They’ll make sure that private builds it. And private will buy it out when the public gets in trouble or when it’s politically convenient down the track. There were no weapons of Mass Destruction. And there is “No Solutions in Nuclear Energy”.