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The Surprising Return Of John Barosa (Scambaiting - also FAQ: aren't you wasting your own time?)


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What Morrison Doesn,t Say

The Queen knows it. Prince Charles knows it. Farmers know it. Seasoned truck drivers know it. Environmentalist know it.Open your eyes and you can see it.The elephant in the room is what Scott Morrison and LNP doesn't say about the…


Global Capitalism by Richard Wolff

Global Capitalism: Biden’s Economic Plans and Likely Results by Richard Wolf

I can recommend anything Richard Wolf comments on regarding Capitalism/Politics



Data is the new Oil

It appears that we are all happy to give away all our information to Google and Facebook and all the other Technocrats our data collection. I recommend listening to  Alison McDowell on YouTube on this subject.


Jazz, Unions, and Venues

The music industry needs a union especially Jazz. So many are doing gigs for nothing. I know many who would appreciate $20 so they could at the very least afford to buy a pie and a milkshake on the way…


Australian TV Commercials

About 25 years ago a NSW Parliamentarian complained that TV commercials were too loud. 

And everyone laughed at him.They’re still too loud 25 years on. Change happens slowly here.


Radio National

Radio National or RN would be one of the best kept secrets in Australia. I have been listening for over 12 years now. Though when I ask many people have you heard of RN? People say Who? What? Who? Then…


Conversation, Listening and Comments

I wish people would ask more questions than making statements or comments. I’m not talking about prying questions I’m talking about philosophical questions or asking someone how something works or doesn't. Or ask them why they think this or that…


Marcia Langton

I totally respect and admire Marcia Langton.She is one fantastic Australian. She is wise,realistic,articulate and tough.She is a true leader.


Rain Dance

Well, it's been lot of dancing though I think my Rain Dance has worked.


Advice to younger vocalist’s singing to a live audience.


Advice to younger singers; fortunately or unfortunately you can’t be who you were yesterday. 

The body we live in; has other idea’s. Read Louise Hay regarding this concept. 

Your right little toe may not want to have…