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The Last Shift 2020


The Last Shift is probably known as a serio/comedy or a slice of life drama in current day America. One of the lead characters  Jevon/Shane Paul McGhie is on probation and is on his last chance to keep a job or go back into jail for 10 months.The other lead role is Stanley played by Richard Jenkins Both Jevon and Stanley are struggling with their lives and their issues though both have a very different outlook and both go on to teach each other valuable life lessons. Stanley is the night manager for a run down drive-by burger place and he is about to retire though it’s his job to train up the young black kid Jevon.Stanley has worked for minimum wages and grins and bares everything and does the right thing and takes pride in his work.Though young Jevon knows the system is rigged and complains about it all the time and he doesn’t have a good work ethic. Stanley is impressed how the young Jevon handles a difficult customer and plants a seed in the old guys head of how much of a sucker he has been all these years putting up with all terrible pay and conditions. The seed sends Stanley on an array of comic and disastrous incidences. It  gave me a few lol moments especially when the main character Stanley/ Richard Jenkins gets the car door ripped off whilst taking a car for a test drive to see if he’ll buy it. The Last Shift is more of a character study and is slow moving though fleshes out views on racism,self censoring, power struggles and finding yourself. Richard Jenkins is brilliant in this and he may even be up for an Oscar for his performance. Rating 8.8