The Reserve Banks Inflation,Pettiness and Stalking Report

I think the Reserve Bank will have to raise Interest Rates again. Supermarket prices have gone through the roof. Inflation is out of control. I believe the Reserve Bank was servicing only one master for too many years. That was cheap money for residential housing aka; modern mans mining boom. It certainly hasn't followed it’s Charter and Core Functions especially C) “the economic prosperity and welfare of the people of Australia”. As many a forced tent dwellers are more likely to be thinking of doing a Waltzing Matilda than singing “I am Australian/We are Australian ” as they close the zip of their tent for the night. Though there is some good news on the psychological front as it appears that Pettiness has come down somewhat on the Richter Scale; though we don't feel this will last for very long. And sadly a good friend of mine reports their Stalking has increased slightly.