Dog Whistlers Anonymous


Many it seems are fond of the dog whistle. They cannot construct their own sentence.They'll reach for a meme or a borrowed quote just for a joke. And the geeks can fool an old bloke. Dystopia beckons whilst vanity and revenge threatens. If power is status? You won’t have it forever. In the old days many knew how to debate. And some taught us how to take it on the chin. Though now you can’t spread yourself too thin. Let some go through to the keeper. Some who’s only outlet are computer games and some like mind games. And some still live in fear of British guns and are looking for leaders like Caligula and Nero just for some fun. For the hunger games are just around the corner.


                                                   Coming out Gay 


I would just like to say for the most part I’m feeling quite gay at the moment during this lock down. Though it must be tough for those who don’t enjoy their own company. Some day's I’m feeling like George Costanza after his first day as a hand-model and others are just quite ordinary. Such is life in these tough times. Conspiracy theorist’s will try to convince you that you don’t need to wear a mask or take a vaccine. Off course some governments and other world regimes and the wealthy and powerful are corrupt.I like a good argument like many do.Though its best you get angry about something that effects you or your own community directly. Like protesting against some CEO salaries against your pittance. Not some conspiracy theory you have attached yourself to.Manipulators love kaos and ignorance and crazy. That’s the conspiracy. I’m determined to obey the rules; stay safe and be gay. Because when its all through then you can have your blew. 



The Gene Hackman Laugh


This is a warning that everyone should take very seriously; because left unchecked could prove to be a terrible ailment for some. Done, every now and again, is just OK. Maybe? Though, if you find yourself doing it a little too much? It could be time to call your doctor or therapist. This hackneyed affliction may strike you at anytime. Or, it could be just a stage you are going through? Or that peer pressure has got you by the balls? Please! don’t ignore all the warning signs for once this monkey grips you, there’s no going back. Or, it maybe time to call that Intervention for that dear friend or loved one. So, don’t be afraid to tap them on the shoulder before it gets out of hand. A very bold move; I hear you say? But I have seen many a good man yield to this dreadful wont. Because once this addiction gets a hold; there is no turning back. For many have succumb to the Gene Hackman Laugh. Though I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.



Surviving Chadstone and protecting Moscow


It was only the comforting sounds of Dean Martin sounding slightly pissed and crooning Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer that I survived Chatstone Shopping Centre. Even though I prepared for it I still got lost. I’m pretty sure now; that it will be the last time I go there. Too scared to walk into the new space-angle cult centre Apple store. A wise decision was made. I have heard that some are never quite the same after getting out of there. Young beautiful assistance’s have your undivided attention until some gorgeous creature captures their eye. After they finally refocus and compose themselves after a minute or so. You forget what your technical issue was and how silly you are raising it in the first place. I once suggested to a store walker that they have You Tube Videos of some basics in a clear relaxed voice and he thought that was pretty cool. Well! it would save me from bothering him; so he can get on with doing whatever he does best. Speaking of technology I had heard that one focus group were thinking of getting rid of the old school Yes and No and replacing them with Hey Yeah! and Negative Man! Though they thought it might get a bit tricky especially if  they had a new app on their phone that sent a rocket to blow up Moscow. These old folks might not understand the new language and press the affirmative.




All generations think they are the greatest and the best.Smug indifference defined Hitler's sycophants. Many went from the tractor to wearing a very smart uniform with a swastika. In contrast many a humble First World War veterans wrote home with such depth, humanity and clarity that Keats and Byron would nod with total respect. Cooperation used to be a working class norm. I get it; it’s all about being in the same boat. Some call it the common good or the common denominator as apposed to living in an Anomie. These days the goal posts have been totally removed by globalism via rent seekers. Johnny come lately Conspiracy theorist’s are everywhere. Everyone seems to have a voice but no one is on the same page. This all plays into the hands of big money, big wealth corralling things to their liking for they love kaos in fact they demand it. And along with that we are fighting mental illness. Psychopathy. Sociopathy, Narcissism and manipulation by all the powerful. Hitler attained power through manipulation, cunning and because of peoples apathy. And through his propaganda program of “Strength Through Joy” he was able to influence many of the impressionable, naive and innocent that he was God like being. I guess the modern day version of burning books is reality TV. And it is interesting that many a hot head is ready for a cause to burn someone at the stake via Social Media. It’s like the same crawling neighbour who’d dob in their Jewish neighbour of 20 years to The Gestapo.



Gaslighting is Shooting the Messenger


I now realise how Gaslighting is so intrinsically linked to Shooting the Messenger.Some people get so emotionally and interllectually overwhelmed by a topic, issue or subject- matter that they reject the concept totally. And like a programmed Robot they go into "Cannott handle!" "Must exterminate now!" "Must search and destroy!" Mode.The Climate Change argument exhibits this really well.

                          Father Christmas and Planet Earth 


It’s a sad day when you find out how our world really works and that religion and money still talk.Even if we can save this planet from environmental destruction;humans will still be the same in 2223.And Oh! what a site that will be. Everyone still wants to live in their comfy-slippers. My on-going counseling regarding Father Christmas not being true (supposedly) is going nowhere. Though they don’t know what they are talking about.Even Jimmy Stewart’s character Elwood P Dowd had an invisible 6 foot 3 inch rabbit named Harvey to talk to, in the 1950 movie “Harvey”. And I still believe in Father Christmas. Billionaires want to fly off into space to save the human race.Though getting down and really dirty could save this place.Fundamentalism,Anti Social Personality Disorders and Intellectual laziness are the Elephants in the room. Power and prestige is the great elixir for some and for others it’s belonging to the mob that gets them through.They say humans are complex.I disagree.Otherwise we wouldn’t be so manipulated by the powers that be. It’s a scary thing to change human behavior and beliefs and that is why it’s met with such great force. My other God is Planet Earth.There is no other place like this.So it’s best we keep our feet firmly on its ground.




I have always liked the idea of an Autarky ever since I understood what it meant. Basically it is making a county self-sufficient and if there is one country who can do this it’s Australia. Because you never know if you may go to war or there maybe worldwide plague. We don’t have to embrace it totally though with the recent Corona-Virus its worth exploring. Suddenly everyone is talking about essential services. Well, we used to own an airline called Qantas. We the people owned that. Like we the people owned CSL Telstra/Telecom or the PMG. Australia used own all the power companies Electricity, Gas,Trains,Train lines, Bus services and we have even leased out some of our ports and privatised our airports. All these are essential services. Dah !What moronic country did this? Good old Australia. And why would you sell Telstra and then build a Government owned NBN? We need to go back to the bottom line. Maybe just autarkianise the basics and all of the above plus securing affordable housing/shelter and quality inexpensive food along with looking after the environment. Privatisation has been the best Con-Job for the past 40 years. And lets start making our own products again. And not just be a country that sells all their minerals. Though after this virus is gone Australia is going to be in so much debt. Maybe there will be no money left for welfare or many other services. Maybe that’s what they want?



                                                      Mozart Salieri and Labels


I think my first game of Aussie Rules football I was 20th man and I vaguely remember running on to the ground and the siren came on; to end the game 1 minute later.Not a glorious start though like most of us we get there.Interestingly Mozart and Oscar Wilde sat on the bench for awhile before they came on. True story! John Lennon wrote the song“How do you Sleep”? And Paul McCartney replied “really well.”He just just pumped out 3 great albums. Ram, Band On the Run and Venus and Mars. Success is the best revenge so they say. Though as we get older and hopeful a bit more wiser you realise the futility of comparison and petty jealousies.Though we will be remembered on how we played the game.Someone sent me some info on the 3 types of satire Horatian, Juvenalian and Menippean. Everything now has been labelled to death.I once played for a football team and I had the upper hand on their star centre-man at training though he still got picked in the Grand Final side.He was a classier player than me though they never won the Grand final.Who knows, I could have been their Teddy Hopkins? Everyone has got their own journey. And we will be remembered on what we achieved and how we did it. Salieri should have been grateful for living in the same time as Mozart.Never put a label on yourself until the disproportionate heavily laden-ed woman sings.


                      We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler 

We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler Our fascination with him is hard to stop. In 2060; they’ll still be making Documentaries on him, right around the clock. We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler He's as reliable as a Blue Chip Stock. Was he really just an average artist? Or, are his true masterpieces hidden behind his bad ones? Just kidding; just looking for another angle we can exploit. We Can Never Get Enough of Hitler So many perspectives still to be found. Was he a great lover and was he a good cook? And; are there some old Hitler Recipes still hanging around? Voss he fond of the strudel or zee noodle? We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler he still gives like other no other can And; what type of (Path) was he in the end? The titillation of intrigue just never gives in. Was he a keen Gardner and could he dance? Was he a good driver and did he leave a Tip? We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler There is still so much to explore! Hitler the board game or virtual reality. Was he a good joke teller and did he ever make jokes at his own expense? We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler. Hitler, The Opera, and new songs to write. Mein Camp, The Play; coming to a Theatre near you. It would take a massive world calamity to remove him from the top. As I predict Hitler Futures; to be a wise investment Stock.


Tooter Turtle

They say the voice of Bugs Bunny and many other Looney Tunes Cartoons Mr. Mel Blanc,was a great actor. And he was; as he had great insight into human nature. From the 1930s to the 1960s the Americans made some of the best cartoons. Not like some of the lame ones you watch today as everyone seems to be dancing or they are a nerd or highly intelligent. Many are definitely not funny. It kind of reflects modern times as the more so-called enlightened and ambitious we get the more humorless we collectively get. Personally, I blame the internet for some of this and technology in general. There used to be a show called The Funny Company and it used to be a bit kooky but fun and educational. And who can forget some of those wise-cracking birds from the Flintstones especially the record player. Then there was a show called Tootle Turtle and his friend Mr. Wizard the Lizard.Tooter Turtle was always looking for some new adventure in his life and would ask Mr. Wizard for a favor or a wish and then he would send Tooter on some new adventure until Tooter got into strife again and he would cry “Help Mr. Wizard” then Mr Wizard would get out his wand and say “Drizzle Drazzle Drozzle Drome time for this one to come home”. Then Mr. Wizard would say “Be vat you iz, not vat you iz not, Folks who do dis are ze happiest lot. I think there is something in there for all of us.