(c) Buddy Love

Motivation is Everything

Whats driving you, to do, what your doing?

Does it come from good will; or old fashioned stewing?

Some; are honest to a fault; some say

Though, this is heard of; very seldom these days.

Moderns Sleuths like David Icke have uncovered one formula.

Problem, Reaction, Solution; can connect the dots.

And some; very well educated, just try; “trip- you- ups”

And The geeks are riding a wave, that seems to have no end

They are now, out and proud of their bedrooms; and into boardrooms’

Gee; I wonder what the Geeks one-upmanship and Corporate Motivations could be?

And, who could have known that The Psychopath you uncover; is driven by fear….

.....Loves; chaos and thrives in muddy waters.

And we all had to witness the painful motivations of the slow motion train -wreck that is

Dodgy politicians denying Global Warming and peddling fear. And assuming we all live to work.

Meanwhile; they live in a Flat Earth society; blindly following their fixed -compass-setting of

Constant growth of the GDP. Which will eventually take us all over the cliff.

Some just can’t handle a hard story. Connect the dots and you will see.

And as every actor knows their characters motivations; is their driving force.

To the Jehovah Witness who just came to my door. I kid you not.

From anger, jealousy, to fairness, and empathy

Motivation is everything

What is yours?



We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler


We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler

Our fascination with him is hard to stop

In 2060; they’ll still be making Documentaries on him, right around the clock.

We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler

He’s as as reliable as a Blue Chip Stock.

Was he really just an average artist?

Or, are his true masterpieces hidden behind his bad ones?

Just kidding; just looking for another angle we can exploit.

We Can Never Get Enough of Hitler

So many perspectives still to be found.

Was he a great lover and was he a good cook?

And; are there some old Hitler Recipes still hanging around?

Voss,he fond of the strudel or da noodle?


We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler

he still gives like other no other can

And; what type of (Path) was he in the end?

The titillation of intrigue just never gives in

Was he a keen Gardner and he could he dance?

Was he a good driver and did he leave a Tip?


We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler

There is still so much to explore!

Hitler the board game or virtual reality.

Was he a good joke teller and did he ever make a jokes at his own expense?

We Can Never Get Enough Of Hitler.

Hitler, The Opera and new songs to write.

Mein Camp, The Play; coming to a Theatre near you.

It would take a massive world calamity to remove him from the top.

As I predict Hitler Futures; to be a wise investment Stock.




Ode to the Liar


Bang! The first lie;is like driving over a shaky

old wooden bridge.

You carefully mention this to your passenger; did you feel that? whoa!

I don’t know what you’re talking about; say’s the passenger

You let out a mocking Tuuh!

So you drive over so many of these bridges and all turns out the same

Are we living in parallel universe or do we keep playing this game?

Eventually you walk; you can’t stand this talk ;

Though, It’s all O’k

You’ve learned something along the way



I’m Racist

I’m racist but I’m prepared to talk.

I’m racist though I’m prepared to listen.

I’m not perfect and

I’ve read up on all the knowledge

And I’m still racist

For it’s in my DNA

I may always be racist or

it may take a generation to go away

Though I know what is the right thing is to do

For I understand fairness which

has nothing to do with race

Though I respect fairness and

Fairness will do

PS: I am not racist it's just that

some say I'm not racist; but.

My point was for all of us to think about it.





Its amazing how some women channel and squawk

And some Men crawl up in a big ball and die

Most men carve their name in a tree called pride by the time they are 8

Though Women are like the early morning birds that always communicate

Men just want everything to be straight and some women are so used to it; they manipulate.

They’ll tell them everything they think they want to hear

Some people are changing or influx though most are frozen and set.

All the roles we’ve been told by our parentage and Hollywood was mostly untrue

Men want to save the day; Women just want a roof over their heads.

Women want to communicate. Men defuse what’s being said.

Good Role Models are hard to find; some are the slight voices inside our heads.

Many of us need to unlearn what was told; and it’s long way home

Yet that’s the journey that should unfold.

Some need to learn the art of listening. Some need to balance the heart with the head

Some need to learn body Language and what is really being said.

Some need to learn to say No and some need to relearn Let’s Go.

Some need to learn to be unpopular.

Some need to go back and mend all those broken bridges; Only to then realise you couldn’t have changed it anyway.

Don’t do what’s easy; take the harder; but scenic route.

There will always be the battle of the sexes and there will always be you.

And remember the greatest love of all is to laugh at yourself.






If you've never been bullied you haven't lived for they live on in your dreams when you awaken from your quiet screams.

When your a kid you can’t believe it’s going on. Especially in a rough boys brutal world full of indifference; physical and mental torture and gruelling stoicism.

Some bullies find religion or go to jail and some still linger.And all those kids whom have killed themselves because of the bullying; you did the right thing because no one cared or saw anything when you were just wanting someone or anyone to notice what was going on. It is funny how no one ever sees or wants to. No one was ever coming to save you.

Lower Socio Economics feature highly, as many are bred to fail. Though don’t feel too mournful;

As its life as we know it. And it will never change.It’s what they call collateral damage of humanity. 

No child ever wants to upset the apple-cart of their family for they crave their guidance love and care. Humanity is brutal as it is beautiful so be grateful for every day. My recommendation is that you stand up to that bully by expecting its your last day on earth and that you are going to die.

And if you live to tell the tail you have just changed the course of mighty rivers and you have just payed it forward for the next guy. As for the bullies I have met they are full of bluster and hurt. Though some are very cruel and play by clever debauched rules. Expect the worse because its better than living in constant pain. The message is loud and clear.




The Debate


The debate should be like a fair sword fight.

The first thing is,you must at least be prepared to come to the table.

All chipped shoulders and egos should be handed in at the door.

Treat it like a fair game of chess; where the only judge in the end will be you.

Come in with your creative visionaries and chosen philosophers in mind.

I’ll be channelling Gore Vidal and a dash of Oscar Wilde and just a hint of Groucho Marx.

This is your best one to one chance to test that concept and remember it’s only a game

and maybe have a laugh and in the end shake hands and take it all on the chin.


The game should be played like a Sanford Meisner Acting repeating-exercise.

Where only your emotional truth and our raw intelligence and wit is all that’s required.

And even if you take an intellectual pounding at least you did your best and stood the test.

Some will realise how very little they understand and that they must now return to Go.

And that you may now have to come to the conclusion that you are unable to

defend that idea anymore.

The other person should be be grateful for the workout.

No gloating; because tomorrow will be a new day.

OK, maybe a Touche would be nice.

The game should be played regularly for we

are sure to ascertain some new insight.




Note to a Kid


Nothing has changed since the Schoolyard Days.

Its still “Lord of the flies” out there.

Kids, if you think the adults are weird at 9

They are.

You could be very well smarter than

your old uncle is or will ever be.

Though don’t be too hard on some of them

for they’re still kids dressed up in an adults body.

The sheep factor is extremely high measuring 75% on The Richter scale

Though you probably know that already; no change in adulthood.

And be careful of love; it can destroy you.

All sorts of love too. Love yourself more.

You may have a great life or it may be a struggle.

Please yourself first and help others where you can.

Some people are pleasing others in their heads.

The lights are on but no ones at home.

Though it’s how you treat others from all walks of

life when no one else is watching; is where it’s at.

No one can ever take that away from you.

Oh! yes take care of all the wildlife too.

Some live by the doctrine of keeping their friends

close and their enemies even closer. Though

it’s a sad cowboy who believes that shit.





Before things get too bad; breath.

Someone else driving like a maniac; breath.

Take 5 minutes break and be 5 minutes late.

Your sanity is worth it; so breath.

Turn off the radio and phone and breath.

Remember you are the greatest; so breathe.

Love yourself and breathe deeply and slowly.

Slow down life isn’t a race; breath.

Trust me your not missing out on anything.

Be really radical and stick to the speed limit.

Though keep breathing; deeply

Big slow easy breaths.

That’s it.

Gee! I am here already?

Where did the time go?




Choice, Freedom and Privacy


Choice, Freedom and Privacy

Take them away; you’ve got nothing.

All the material possessions won’t matter a bean.

All the great footy games will pale into insignificance.

Now we are living in an “It’s all about me world”.

Though the original concept for this was; getting to know your self.

The Illuminati knows this and it’s perfect fodder for manipulation.

The more we compete with one another the more we lose.

Even if you become the worlds greatest dancer or one of the finest

Garbologist's like my father was. It doesn’t mean you have to

remain one dimensional.

And to all the people who say politics is boring.

No sorry; you are boring.

You don’t even have to take a side.

Though being informed is a choice.

Maybe one day someone will ask for your opinion.

Your freedom may depend on it.

And when all your privacy is gone.

It will be all too late.









I have always been a Marxist in the truest sense of the word.

He had some very wise and witty quotes.


I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member”.

His most defining quote is so profound and quick as a whip’.

People, wouldn’t know if they were are coming or going around him.


Humor is Reason Gone Mad”.

And he sums it up perfectly as to where his humor derives from in this quote.


The secret to to life is honesty and fair dealing.

If you can fake that you have got it made”.

Bom! Bom!


" Politics is the art of looking for trouble,

finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly

and applying the wrong remedies."

Sums up politics perfectly; in these 2 quotes.

"Those are my principles, and if you don’t like

them …..well, I have others."


"Don’t let the fear of a thorn keep you from a rose."

Good advice there.


"Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light."

Too profound Groucho.



Labels and Opinions


We can all get caught up labelling others.

Though when it’s done in such a hackneyed form

It loses it’s impact all too soon.

That’s why we have dictionaries and books etc.

As there are so many variant words or a similar meanings to choose from.

Though search hard and you may find the right phrase or word.

Nothing wrong with having  opinions either.

as long as it’s really yours and don’t knock

people who say “I don’t know”. It’s still taking a position.

Though Fundamentalism and ignorance

has very little patience for caution or suck it and see.




Nobody Told Me


John Lennon said it the best “There’s no problems only solutions”.

He also penned “Nobody told me there be days like these”.

Well; it would blow his mind on these days indeed.

As the ship rocks from side to side and the mob clings.

For the geeks are the kings and everyone's fighting to stay afloat.

He also said “Imagine if there's no heaven; it’s easy if you  try”.

"No hell below us above us only sky".

There are so many solutions; if only we would try.

It doesn't matter where you start or where you finish.

      It’s who you really are that matters. 

   Well John; I know this; money definitely isn’t the solution.

I know that for sure.

                                 Ego’s the killer; and say so all of us.

And there’s a place for us in movies you just gotta to lay around

Nobody told me there be days like these.

Everyone's an artist, though too concerned with their brand.

As there’s always something cookin; but there’s nothin in the pot.

Our Aborigines are dying; so lets finish what we've got.

The solutions are really complex though we gotta really try.

Yet, the populations growing; you got to ask why?

And  there's a Room at the Top for Working Class Heroes.

but there's nothing really there; is there? As they

  hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool.

So you may as well just please yourself. 

Same, strange days indeed. 







Some days are crazy and full of bizarre twist’s.

Some in pain, laughter and joy and you don’t know why.

The older I get I think it’s got something to do with the stars

The Sun the Earth and that old Moon of ours.

Sometimes I think we should be paying a little bit more attention

to them than the many other things.

More dreamtime meditations and discussing philosophy for it’s own sake.

I think the more we become removed from nature is at our determent.

We’re addicted to being busy and we’ve no time to think.

For a start; we could try a Maslow's style; Hierarchy of Needs for Planet Earth.

Our politics has become so ideologically toxic via manipulative brainwashing.

Though; their findings are always found on the money trail and its always driven by greed.

And so many it seems are prepared to die climbing The Himalayas. What for?

Apparently they need traffic lights up there now; its so busy.

And the new scourge; Reality TV shows that keeps you, thick as a brick.

And The Chinese government tell their citizens; what they must think.

I always thought that sitting around “twiddling your thumps” has been given a bad wrap.

Though we thump-twiddlers know where it’s at. It could be something to do with using your

own imagination and having some fun. Remember that?





Modern Times


Actions and in-actions Speak Louder than words.

And what you don’t do is just as profound as what you do.

Now, everyone is so cautious and too scared to make a mistake.

I guess camera’s, social media, and technology has got us all freaked out.

We are now living in an Orwelian time and if a Corrupt Totalitarian regime

takes control we could be headed into a 1984 dystopian world?

That’s why philosophy is so important in these modern times.

From Plato, Confucius and all the greats; so lets talk it through.

And it’s been around for awhile; so there’s nothing new.

Even the bible stole from a few.

We are all being manipulated and mislead, and

dumb-down by moronic straw-man-debates.

Personally; I have trouble with all the tech loving geeks.

Some Australian’s never want to rock the boat "politically; we are addicted to never making waves.

Or too much comparison with our frenemies and we are never on the same page.

Maybe start communicating with an adversary; if it feels right.

Keep risking and make your own mistakes.

The tall poppy syndrome was handed to us by the poms.

Even John Lennon sung about it; in a song.

So don’t just join the mob, start thinking for your self.

Happiness isn’t a destination. But don’t worry; she’ll be right mate!




Once you Know


Once you know your intuition is always right.

And an early hard-decision could be lonely but right.

Once you Know; that we are still in the schoolyard.

And you’ll be always be a student of life.

And you can’t be a Chameleon for ever.

So yes; love your enemies; that quote is very true.

Once you know, who you are, things don’t necessarily

get easier but somehow they seem right.

Once you know; its a process of elimination.

Removing the dead wood and cutting back.

And try staying on your own track.

Whilst sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Once you know; a career is not all your life.

Though never forget your imagination.

Once you know; it’s no use arguing with a fool.

Don’t compare with others; be original.

Once You Know; You Know.

Go to the beat of your own Drum.

You can never get away from you know who.

It was only love and fear that got you into strife.

You must back yourself in.

For reinvention is the key.

And never put a label on you.

Once you know, Keep moving on.

You should hope for the best and have zero expectations. 

Once You Know, Once You Know





How Dare You


Altruistic leadership is a rare commodity these days; just like wisdom.

So to; all the important speeches in our modern history like

Martin Luther King’s stirring “I Have a Dream”

speech to rouse the nation. To the “On the Beaches”

rally by Winston Churchill. To the super-patriotic “Ask Not” address

by JFK. And true leadership happened again in 2019 with the Inspiring

How Dare You” speech by 16 year old Greta Thunberg.

If that’s not leadership; I don’t know what is? Go Greta!





The Coward


The coward can be the most vicious and cruel of any personality type.

I guess we have all seen them or felt them at times in our lives.

Some never ever reveal their betrayal or cowardice.

You just feel their comeuppance in your daily life.

Some are so clever you can feel like the ball in a Pin Ball Machine.


Some let it rip at the most perfect and precise moment, time and safe place.

Like, a very well prepared Suicide Bomber with a smile on their face.

Commodus the corrupt Emperor from the movie

The Gladiator represents a definitive coward.



Some can get their foot soldiers to snarl and sneer

at you in an attack to intimidate and bully you.

And if you have the power this can be a very effective tool;

especially in an attempt in ostracising their so called enemy.



Though; they all have one thing in common they are very sensitive

to their own fears and won’t act until they feel 100 % sure they are safe.

For the coward in the end is the most distrustful of all. Beware.





The Journey



The Journey is always better than the ending.


The chase is better than the catch.


The idea is better than the outcome.


The allure sometimes more enticing than the experience.


The plot far more riveting than the curtain call.


An emotional truth more liberating than a straw-man’s argument.


The set up more important than punch line.


A tree more lovely than the coffee table.


Your courage more profound than smug indifference.


Your odd friend more reliable than all the cool cats.


Talking, far more engaging than dancing.


Asking a so called “dumb” question better than not knowing at all.


Getting your hands dirty; better than “The Experts” bad excuse.


The process more important than the outcome.


And being prepared is better than being surprised.






Drawing a line in the sand






The Voice


Will the Aborigines ever get the voice?

Definitely not with this current government.

Remember you are fighting; secret white mans business.

Just like when John Howard couldn't say sorry.

It is a bridge way too far for these ideologues.

You will never get past their blueprint for living.

They are good at ego pandering and kicking the can down the road.

But; they don’t trust you because they don’t even trust themselves.

Fear, Ignorance, Fundamentalism and economic rationalism

will make sure The Voice never see’s the light of day.

Personally I have been inspired by many.

As you are saying all right things and seem on the same page.

Though I wouldn't get too enamoured with yourselves as they

are feeding you a regular diet of tokenism via media spots on the

ABC,TV, and all the music shows. I can’t say I am too fond of

 the Reggae music though; as I am sure we can work-out some

sort of a treaty with Jamaica and give it back to them. It’s only fair.




The Gesture



I thought the kind gesture was gone.


Off course it came from a blue collar worker.


I know that’s a label, but still it was in his heart to give.


Sometimes the art of the physical lends itself to balance.


In my life the kindest gifts have come from strangers;


whether it’s advice, wisdom or a kind gesture.


The kind gesture was once a great Aussie tradition; though not the


Blanche DuBois; dependence on the kindness of strangers type.


We did it; because we could and it made us feel good. Though


it’s not just indicative to Australia. And when


it happens it restores your faith in humanity.





Do Something Original



Stop climbing Mt Everest or walking the Kokoda Trail.


They have been done to death literally.


And are they really your dreams anyway? Do something really radical.


Mow old Mr Johnsons lawn.Or help clean out old Mrs Kravitz’s garage.


Or try to invent something that’s really helpful to humanity.


You could buy a boat and collect all the rubbish from the oceans.


Or just stop what you have been doing and start doing something different.


Stop talking and start listening. Or ask a so called dumb question.


You’ll feel embarrassed for about 2 minutes.


Don’t be afraid to show people your silly side.


Ask a politician a difficult question that you thought up yourself.


Hey’ little kids ask them every day. Only small people will make fun of you.


Work-on your short-comings. Just do something different.




Group Thought and Society


Maggie Thatcher said there was “no such thing as society”.

I thought it was an unusual thing to say from a successful woman.

Her ignorance being that she never knew how fortunate she really was.

Like many people; she took full advantage of her position in society. ‘

Even the character Kramer from Seinfeld said “Ooh yeah There’s Levels”.

The people whom are climbing up the ladder; they sure know about society.

Some peoples subterfugel rise to prominence; live by the rules of society.

In fact, society is their religion and their reputation/image is more important than anything.

Some Social climbers are ruthless and dangerous people and boy can they manipulate.

And there is always a steady flow of village idiots they can enable to participate in their deeds.

Some of these types could identify as being sociopath’s and they play a mean hand.

They cling to group thought and love being part of the club or clique.

Maggie Thatcher knew about society. It’s just that one doesn’t speak about it; does one.

And let us not forget what society did for poor old Oscar Wilde.





Playing Jazz and being Cool


Some play the part of being cool.

Look like a million bucks smoke dope

 and wear a permanent 3 day growth.

Smile a lot, and never play outta time.

For they is playing Cool Mcgool

for they is the rules, don’t make waves.

Don’t rock the boat, stay afloat and stay cool.

We don’t want no jive; we definitely don’t wanna

 hear any politics; if fact we aint got no opinions

outside of Jazz; And never play the fool,

them’s the rules, so please stay cool.

We is addicted not afflicted by Jazz.

Hiippity Hipp Bobity Bop

Hey man don’t let music stop.

So what; we done Watermelon Man 489 times.

We do it differently every time!

Speak to some you’d think,

Maynard G Crebbs was still around

We is got all the same groove man.

Tote that barge, lift that bale, we get a little

drunk and we lands in jail.

Bibbitty Bop Shibbity Doo

Just kidding man I went music school for 5 years

Now I,m doing my Thesis on Dizzy.

Sorry;I can’t stay for a drink I gotta pick up young

Bratseina from Archery and take Butterfly to Ballet.

Sure good talking to ya. Have a chat to Jimmy

the drummer; he’s never been to school.

But man can he groove; so stay cool because

we don’t want no demarcation blues.

But Stay Cool; Everything’s cool.

And in time I too would learn how

to perfect the 3 day growth.



2019 The Year That Was



A year that everyone took a side or drew a line in the sand.

Did you get it right? Are you proud of what you achieved?

Or is it back to the drawing board with a retreat to lick your wounds?

Or did you nail your colours to the mast and was it full steam ahead?

Did you make a few mistakes or just chew the same old cud?

Did your predictions come right? Or was it no worries she’ll be right?

Or was it a brutal year from woe to go and are you happy staying in the same camp?

Did you test your theories or did it blow up in your face?

Or do you feel sad to be part of the human race?

Or did you play the same old cards and are now dreading New Years Day.

They’ll definitely be winners and losers and some too blind to see.

Did you stick up for something or someone or retreat to a safe quiet place?

Or was it a “Morning Ralph” “Morning Sam” kind of a year?

Or have you done your bit by serving dog-whistling quotes written by other folks.

Or did all your plans go exactly right or are you going to take your hat off

and dips your lid and say “my God how could I have not seen that?”

“They got everything right.” There's no doubt that things are a changing.

Some are still giving the orders and some are just starting to fight.

And did Australians get the election right?

One things for sure we all can’t see the future.





Give a Dag an Inch


“Give a dag an inch and he’ll take a mile”

I did but coin this phrase at secondary school.

Especially when I would go to the aid of a kid being

bullied and for my efforts; he would end up giving me cheek.

Even though I was bullied at school I made sure a

one hit drummer had an easier ride at school.

And when you go out your way to introduce some

to a bigger world; it eventually dawns on you that

you were only ever a stepping stone in their life.

I guess that’s life. So is it a Dog eat dog world now?

Or is it now like what Lieutenant Frank Slade said;

in Scent of a Woman its “fuck you buddy” world?

You can’t know what’s going on in someone eles’s head.

Just because something has meaning to you; it doesn’t

mean people see it the same way. “So is it’ never a give a dag

an inch or a sucker and even break”. I guess I’ll always be a sucker.

Though; the learning is; to not give a fuck what people think.





Tooter Turtle



They say the voice of Bugs Bunny and many other Looney Tunes Cartoons Mr Mel Blanc,was a great actor. And he was; as he had great insight into human nature. From the 1930s to the 1960s the Americans made some of the best cartoons. Not like some of the lame ones you watch today as everyone seems to be dancing or they are a nerd or highly intelligent. Many are definitely not funny.

It kind of reflects modern times as the more so called enlightened and ambitious we get the more humourless we collectively get. Personally I blame the internet for some of this and technology in general. There used to be a show called The Funny Company and it used to be a bit kooky but fun and educational.

And who can forget some of those wise cracking birds from the Flintstones especially the record player. Then there was a show called Tootle Turtle and his friend Mr Wizard the Lizard. Tooter Turtle was always looking for some new adventure in his life and would ask Mr Wizard for a favour or a wish and then he would send Tooter on some new adventure until Tooter got into strife again and would cry “Help Mr Wizard”.Then Mr Wizard would get out his wand and say “Drizzle Drazzle Drozzle Drome time for this one to come home”.Then Mr Wizard would say “Be vat you iz,not vat you iz not, Folks who do dis are are ze happiest lot.I think there is something in there for all of us.



Corona Virus and The Climate


It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. It was the Coronavirus times.

Self isolation and fear can be a brave new world for some and for others Isolation can be

manna from the heavens. For many hibernation is like the Brer Rabbit being thrown in the Briar Patch. Numerous people feel liberated and no longer feel guilty for enjoying their own company. It can be time of great creativity and confronting the self with some thought provoking indulgence, feeling frustrated and showing others kindness. Though is the CoronaVirus speaking to us and paying us back for way we are treating the planet? I used to love watching Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypothetical’s program years ago.He would explore a chosen topic to it’s enth degree.And he would speak to a panel of experts to thrash out a chosen issue on the what-ifs? Basically Big Picturing a potential problem. I believe Extreme Capitalism is killing us literally. Too many Chainsaw Dunlops types and bean counters and obsessive compulsive's.

We need to slow down and stop striving and buying so much crap.

So if Geoffrey was having his show now- you would have your guest Mr Planet Earth representing himself on the show and what would he say to all the other interested parties and experts in their chosen fields. What would he say? Why ? Why would you treat me so bad? I have given you everything, I have had enough. “Have a bit of this virus you bastards”. I think in the end we are in just one big organism and everything is connected. So if we knock it out of balance it’s going to fight back. It doesn’t care about political ideology it doesn’t care about what religion you are or what football team you follow. Planet Earth has had a gutful.




Trump, Rosebud and “I Love Everybody”.


Like Citizen Kane; Donald Trump has already started whispering the words Rosebud.

Like nobody before him Donald Trump has agitated the world in so many ways.

He has shaking up politics just by being him and an incredible belief in himself. All sides of

politics could learn something from him as many are sick of the same old bullshit and slick lines

as Trump has played Trump because as he can do nothing else. I think Trump will resign before

the next election and hand on the baton to someone else. Because he’s going to come out on top.

He will do The George Costanza from the Seinfeld episode “The Opposite”. A smart move.

Donald Trump will not seek another term I am certain of it. Trumps shear audacity has been

breathtaking to watch at times. Rightly or wrongly and like the Corona Virus he has up-heaved

everything like Eddie Munster loosing his Monster Doll and doing a dummy spit and although

he has proven the old axiom “it’s better to be yourself because everyone else is taken”.

He is totally wanting as a leader; though he has played an interesting and brilliant hand at times.

Though, he doesn’t govern for all. Yet he has taught us a lot. Though he’s always playing a game.

And there’s the rub. His psychological mindset want’s to stay; but there will be nothing but pain.

I think the penny will drop and he will retire and may even go fishing or even read a book

Trumps first whispering Rosebud words that “he loves everybody” You have nothing more to

prove here anymore Donald. Your job is done. Time to retire. The experiment is over.



I wrote the above about 6 weeks ago and it looks like I’ve got it totally wrong.

Looks like Trump’s ego will push on through all the way. Now he’s lit the match of hate.










I can’t say that I admire the playing of golf much these days.

If I had my way I’d return all the city golf courses back to nature again

and give a place for city people to wander around in.

I used to be a barman at a city golf course once. It wasn’t quite secret

white mans business but the Members sure let me know I worked for them.

Another club, or my “Wake In Fright” time was working at The Dumbleyung Club in Outback WA.

A bar where you could find punters literally gambling on 2 flies crawling up the wall.

And I once knew an old gambler who constantly lost his whole weeks wages on pool

or ping pong, darts, cards,2Up and a whole lot more. And I owe my life to him

as a bloke the size of the character Jaws from “The Spy Who Loved Me”

was going to beat me to a pulp; probably because I beat him in something or other,

or he just didn’t feel like paying for his drink. Dumbleyung a place where I first

witnessed extreme racism against Aborigines and where I went Spotlighting/

Shooting and played Aussie Rules.Worked on a wheat and sheep farm and     

worked as a Rouseabout. And yes I’ll never be a Yabba Man as

 “Jock Crawford” said in “Wake in Fright”. But it was a whole lot of fun.





I’d Forgotten I’d been to Niagara Falls


Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans. When you are travelling you can’t appreciate everything you see.And sometimes you can take your eye off the ball. When I was travelling through Asia; I was looking to buy an SLR Camera. And when I was in Varanasi in India I met a charming India man; whom I spent most of day with and he seemed to know quite a bit about the cameras I wanted to buy. He showed me around and we had lunch together. Off course I paid. As he said he knew where he could get one at a good price. So we went to another cafe  somewhere. And he instructed me to wait there until he returned with my camera. Unfortunately he never returned; nor did my hard earned cash.



                                                Solution for Renters 


I have moved houses more times than your average bear and gone are the days when the Landlord would do everything to make you happy. Things have gotten so bad some landlords think you should have your own stove. Or, the one they provide is so bad it’s a joke. And moving around becomes very expensive and difficult; especially for families with kids. And with every move your furniture gets knocked around and damaged and then you have to make your furniture fit to a new environment. And it can take you a year to get everything right. And after that you may even have to move out again and find new place after12 months? Renting can be tough. Though, I have come up with a new idea which should be enshrined in law.I propose along with making sure you have a Stove/Heater. I suggest that every rental property must have a size appropriate fridge and a washing machine at the property before you move in. Because; these two items can be the most troublesome. It may take a little time to bed this in, but I think this is a no brainer. As it would make moving just that little bit simpler and less expensive and very practical. And it would be really good for the environment as there would be less crap lying on the nature strips. Because who’s to say that the fridge or washing machine that you own is going to fit at the next property anyway? Really, It’s win for the environment and for renters and commonsense. I am sure some landlords will have an issue with this because of the dollar. Though; I feel this is a tangible solution; we have just overlooked. One small step for man and one small step for mankind.




Sam I Am and The Convenient Guru’s

Ok' so now; you like Green Eggs and Ham?

I’m really happy for you as an individual based on planet earth.

I’m sure old (Sam I am) would be thrilled to bits.

But! you only like them now; because he wore you down

Anyway, I believe the earth is flat; so take that.

So yes, take that, take that, the earth is flat

We even have a private group and we meet once a week

And there are some real movers and shakers in our group

I’m sorry; as much as I would like to; I can’t invite you

It’s a very, very, special, very special, group; you just wouldn’t suit

Though I am happy for you now; that you like; your green eggs and ham

Though; it took you the whole book; to take the hook

I’d prefer an uneducated open mind than an obstinate one full of pride

Nor a sycophant who’s too lazy or scared to measure their own plot

Anyway; whatever became of your old Guru; of coerced-thought?

He's probably out there now; selling used cars.

Gee; did I say that?? Oh’ well, he was a pushy chap; you must admit that

He could sell ice to The Eskimos; could Old; Sam I Am

You like Green Eggs and Ham and I believe the Earth is Flat

So take that, take that, take that




Bullies Cowards and Poor Communicators


Bullies Cowards and Poor Communicators

Sorry but your time up

Peekaboo! Peekaboo! yes I really can see you

What’s that you say? you have a high powered job.

And yes I can see you have backing of the mob

Sorry, I can no longer walk on egg shells to prop you up

And what’s that you say? I can’t put you all in the same box

Sorry; I just did

O’k move to higher ground if you think that helps

Or the lower ground; it’s still the same place

You could try walking in a straight line

Trust me you’ll be fine; It’s very safe to discuss

And yes; I saw that coming before you even said it

Tough Talk, Cheap Shots and others peoples thoughts won’t save you

Or the lily-livered puppeteering 5 times removed

Ok! be obstinate, bully me then; or retreat?

Or you could have me bumped off

They're just ideas; a process if you must

It’s called communication not indoctrination

I’m not trying to “lock it in Eddie”

And yes the pen is mightier than the sword

A’h yes! Judas; I saw that coming

that’s why I kept my sword.



Comedians & Humorists

The comedian does what they must do

from Ronnie Corbett to Frank Gorshwin to Robin Williams

to Gra Gra, Hancock, Seinfeld, Hoges, Laurel & Hardy to Woody and The King

They all knew what it takes to make em laugh or surprise

To the profound moment when Jerrico the clown cries

And makes the little girl laugh in 3 Ring Circus


To George Constanza the character who always knows who’s feeling

uncomfortable in the room; his barometer is always right

Usually that’s the comedians delight to make everyone feel all right

To all the really really funny “no-ones” I have met and the patient ones

like me; who’s waits 25 years to deliver the right line at the right time and place

That no one else will remember; for timing is everything and yes; you had to have been there

Old dear I’ve forgotten Groucho, Lucille Ball, Wilde, Joffa Boy, Mary Hardy and Dead Pan Sid



The Flood Mud and The River

I can hear the ghost of the Aborigine standing on one foot with his spear in the ground laughing about the flood the mud and the tears.”Silly white buggers you torn down all the trees, what did you expect”? Real Estates Agents sell; and calculate every square inch of the land whilst Farmers take the bait and rip up all the land. And The Murray Darling river must be treated as the king and everyone must bow to him.Yes’ it’s sad what’s happening now though spare a thought for Daisy the cow and the Murray Cod. Unless we do some Big Picturing we are plain fools.Feb 2019



Some people never say what they mean.


Some people never say what they mean. If fact they just never come clean.

It’s like they live with the mental weight of a Stalinist Regime

For the they have learnt early; never to trust

Was it Mum or Dad who contradicted their trust?

Chinese Water torture wouldn’t make them squeal

They will never surrender; and

No Cards will ever be laid on the table

Only their in built governor will protect them from the storm

They may paint themselves into many a corner

though anything is better than revealing their pain

It will be a bumpy ride and it won’t be smooth sailing

And only a dedicated spiritual surgeon could remove their bottle neck hurt.

Though even if the surgery went well they would demand it’s return

Because; like and old friend; they would miss it too much.



The Morning Boardroom Meeting


Every morning I have a Boardroom Meeting with myself.

And everyday is different-

Sometimes hardly anyone turns up.

Some characters need coffee and tea to get going,

And sometimes they need something stronger.

Some are bright as a button

and some are just happy to be.

Sometimes Dopey brings his sorry arse along,

Sometimes Worried turns up too early and sometimes too late,

Though everyone bows down to Captain Joy -

he seems to have free rein.

Then there's Hardman Tough as Nails Muldoon.

Well everyone hates it when he turns up,

Though they all acquiesces to him.

Well, as Captain Joy say’s

“We wouldn’t get anything done without him”.

Strangely Impatient seems very relaxed

“What’s he up to? He must know something”.

Sometimes these Boardroom meetings are quick and

sometimes they take forever, and unfortunately

there are winners and losers.

Recent appointee and new Boardroom Member,

(and all round control freak and whinging bastard)

Bad Back Charlie gets his way again.

“That’s the third time this week!”

Quips Easygoing

“Turn it up!” bickers Determined

As we all disperse the meeting, grumblings can be heard

by various Boardroom Members

“Boring” yells Captain Joy, which brings

a wry smile to Dopey.

“That's why they call it a ‘Boredroom’ Meeting”

pipes Cheeky.



Ego, Power, Corruption and Greed


From JFK to the CIA, Ego Power Corruption and Greed

is always an ever present threat.

Piss off the powerful and the corrupt you will eventually go down.

From  Al Capone to the Cocaine snorting Financial Traders

The lust for money is just the same as it is for love, sex, desire.

Everyone has there Kryptonotic weak spots.

Some do their dirty deeds for pure revenge. Some do them for a laugh and some for honour.

Some do it to impress their cowardly powerful friends to the sycophantic foot soldiers

of some totalitarian regime.

Though; how it’s done is pure intrigue it’s Ego, Power, Corruption and Greed.

It’s simple maths once you the sow the seed.

I have met some dormant ego's that shocked me beyond belief.

“All about Eve” comes to mind; to “Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde”.

Power comes in many shapes and forms from the covert to the overt though it’s all the same.

Corruption is ruthless and not for the fainthearted.

Greed is in all of us and we must somehow try to keep it in-checked.

Look at our politicians with all their snouts in the trough. No better example right  there.





New York 1999


Walking out of Penn Station and on to the street took my breath away.

Not sure what I was expecting? Maybe the back streets of Seinfeld.

Arriving Sunday I rest. Although it was the best day to

look in the papers for somewhere permanent to stay.

Monday, I’m up early and ready to search for a place.

A run-down 12 bed dormitory with some permanent guest’s

can really get you motivated and moving in the morning.

Out on the street I approach a big man looking like a

cross between Mumbles from Dick Tracy and

The Elephant Man selling newspapers.

“Hi, mate I don’t suppose you've got yesterdays newspaper?” I ask.

“You want what?” he roared!

“You know yesterdays newspaper” I say tentatively.

Then he starts booming at the top

of his voice to everyone walking by.

“Hey this mother fucker want’s yesterdays Newspaper”.

“Get outta here.” “We only got today's”.

In New York city; yesterday is well and truly gone.


PS. Dwaine and I are still in

contact and remain firm pen pals.






Obstinate Ignorance

Obstinate Ignorance fights you on the last train to Auschwitz.

Even though you love them they choose not to see.

They’d rather talk about the weather or the birds flying by.

Or the vork, “Yes! there’s so much vork down there”. “You vait and see”.

To the ones who fight and fight you only to one day tell you it was their idea.

Or trusting Formalised Education so much so that you  throw out your own intuition.

To the person who told me I couldn’t put a wardrobe in my kitchen.

It may have started it’s life as a wardrobe though it doesn’t always have to be.

And in some relationships; some treat you like a possession.

To the one way conversations who talk at you and not to you.

And the greatest obstinate ignorance of them “All Religions”.

To me it’s like outsourcing your own mind to the tooth fairy.

Obstinate Ignorance is incredibly lazy also.

And nor can you reason with it.





I don’t believe in Karma


I don’t believe in Karma. It’s just another

convenient concept for not taking action.

Or never ever getting involved. Nor do I

condone bullying or group-thought vigilantism.

Some avert and hold tight and some fight.

Though in the latter even if you loose you win.

Our paths have already been chosen for us

before birth I believe.

Though many of us just keep

taking the wrong turn.

Though it’s always the squeaky wheel that gets the oil.

And most don’t like the sunlight on their face.

People quote Karma like they are saying gooday,

too easy, all good, or no worries mate.

If Karma was a superhero

he or she would be working flat out?






                                                           Passive  Aggression




Most people participate in passive aggression; including me sometimes.

As it can be a better idea than saying what’s on your mind.

Though, too much can turn you into a toxic waste dump.

Women have been doing it, since cave man times.

Especially; if old Gronk didn’t come home with a good find.

Though, we all have the tools at our disposal in modern times.

Yet the slightest hint of aggression some revert back to prehistoric times.

Too much flight or fight can set the clock back too far.

Or you can vent via dog-whistling as many do.

The real courage is aiming for a discourse in the middle ground

and expecting to lose; though you might be surprised.

It may even be a breakthough.





Unspoken wORDS



I don’t seem to win with calibration only orchestration


I think I know when this started? A long time ago.


I am benevolent with some; who can never repay a debt.


Though, all I hear is the unspoken language of winners, grinner’s and cheerleaders.


Some turn to fundamentalism early in the piece; others just play an artful game.


And only strangers are ever prepared to meet you at the level playing field of life.


Most will never know themselves; they’d rather hang on


to the tail of whom they love the best.


Or, outsource their thoughts on the whims of the latest experts that suits their ambivalent dispositions


Though; scratch their serene surface and watch that

Swan bite you like a Black Mamba


And then totally forget, it ever happened.




The Birds


The early morning birds always tell me what sort of a day it’s going to be.

The crazed mob of Circling Cockatoos scream like Robot from Lost In Space.

Warning! Warning! be on your guard on this day there could be trouble at Mill.


With the Magpies its all talk and squawk talk and squawk.

You’d want to be careful what you say around the magpie.

That beautiful morning warble though very alluring; is

all subterfuge to get the other birds to spill their guts.

We know what you're up to magpie.


Now, when it’s the Kookaburras day it’s philosophy 101; so pay attention.

They want you to slow down and think. And trust your instinct’s. And they let

you know the world is tough, though so be discerning and hold your ground.


And when the Rosella’s  show up it’s like Marilyn Monroe and

Penelope Cruz have turned up for your own personal floor show just for you.

Though; to be honest they mainly arrive in the afternoons.





Fear is with us all.

Some mask it better than others 

and it's a rare being who has none at all.

Though fear like death is spoken of rarely at all.

And a good dose of it can protect you in a storm.

Though, too much brings on a breathless anxiety.

A good position in society can comfort you from your fears.

And the cashed up can build their walls and hide.

There are some who get off watching violent movies

and all it’s gore.,

They are so removed from it’s reality.

Then, there's a total absence of fear “Chopper”.

And to all the female presenters who interviewed him.

What’s that all that about? Another Hollywood style

exploitation right there!

I guess the cameras never showed all The Minders standing by,

did they?

In a modern world Fear is the greatest manipulative weapon of them all.

And what you refuse to investigate for yourself; may one day bite you on the arse.





The Gene Hackman Laugh



This is a warning that everyone should

take very seriously; because left unchecked

could prove to be a terrible ailment for some.

Done, every now and again, is just OK. Maybe?

Though, if you find yourself doing it a little too much?

It could be time to call your doctor or therapist.

This hackneyed affliction may strike you at anytime.

Or, it could be just a stage you are going through?

Or that peer pressure has got you by the balls?

Please! don’t ignore all the warning signs for once

this monkey grips you, there’s no going back.

Or, it maybe time to call that Intervention for

that dear friend or loved one. So, don’t be

afraid to tap them on the shoulder before

it gets out of of hand.

A very bold move; I hear you say? Though

I have seen many a good man yield to

this dreadful wont.

But once this addiction gets a hold!

There is no turning back.

For many have succumb to the

Gene Hackman Laugh.

And I wouldn’t

wish it on my worst enemy.







I wouldn’t admit to ever having experienced too much Jealously.

Maybe a nameless actor who has been relatively successful.

Or a really well balanced tightly knit family.

Sometimes I am jealous of the ignorant and the sheltered lives.

Not Jealous of the ones with all the friends and contacts.

Definitely not jealous of the ones with all the money and possession.

Not jealous of the formally well educated.

For I now know what some learn in all those private schools.

Which becomes all The Board Room rules.

I have also learnt even if everyone disagrees with you; it doesn't mean you’re wrong.

I am not jealous, just disappointed in some.





Against the Wheel



Since the last Australian election I am starting to feel like

Billy Hayes going against the wheel in Midnight Express.

What just happened? Disillusioned rumblings are all round.

I try to engage in conversation; though people just keep looking down.

A man cries;“The left don’t know how to run the economy”.

Another reverse psychology Newspeak line.

“Tax is a dead weight on the economy”.

Now everyone is chanting the same line

Now it’s “Climate change is Fake News”. Some cry.

Egotistical Shock Jocks rule the airwaves with tough street- talk

They manipulate people like evangelistic puppeteers.

If you divide the people; you can fool and then rule.

I just hope John Howard’s “Battlers” have enough properties now?

Who are now Morrison’s aspirational voters.

Yes, Greed is still good.

Against the wheel; more chants. Let the market rip! User Pays!

“Nuclear Energy is the cheapest form of energy”. “Cut red tape”.

“The private sector does it better than government”. A job is the best

form of welfare yells another. Then a Japanese man pumps his arms

into the air and say’s no ones going to tell us we can’t go whale hunting.

I want religious protection cries someone else, “Gays will go to hell”.

cries another “Feminist’s have destroyed my life grunts one man 

looking down at his shoes,

holding a copy of Jordan Peterson's book “12 Rules for life”.

“And they are taking away my freedom of speech” he also adds.

“I even made my own bed today” and pumps his fist into the air” Yea Man”.

Another man yells “me too mate” and “let’s fight Identity politics” then some other

guy with a foreign accent does an about turn and start’s going in my

direction “You gotta love Capitalism don’t ya mate he say’s “it’s working for me”.

“Why are ya goin the wrong way mate”? he ask’s “I dunno mate” I say. Then, he’s says

You probably think you're better than us don’t ya? Then he say’s; so you're one of those types hey?

Then he turns and starts going in the other direction again and starts

chanting. He thinks he’s better than us. Greeny bastard. “Repent now” some say “God is great”.

“Sport is the great leveller. Chants one “Go Blues!” .

then they all start chanting.“How good’s Australia”.

“Miracles happen”. Then I think I’ve had enough of this poem

and stop writing and go and make myself a nice cup of tea.



Shooting the Messenger


Shooting the messenger is a long time sport.

They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round.

And Galileo was charged with heresy by the Catholic Church.

Shoot the child who should be seen but never heard.

They are shooting the messengers everywhere.

America’s 2nd Amendment allows shootings every day.

No Weapons of mass destruction; they were totally shot down.

Shoot down all the good Scientist’s on Global warming

The Status quo is a Parallel Universe that cannot handle change.

Gas-lighting and Strawmanning, are their tools of trade.

They are not for the turning and they will not change.



“It’s not you it’s me”.


It's not you it's me.

Though I think of you all the time.

In fact you are never out of my mind.

That hearty tough talkin no nonsense scotch

To the mind altering flowery crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

Let me count the ways how I love thee.

For you have served me so very well.

Although I have abused our relationship

We have been on a journey towards

wisdom and understanding insights.

We have nurtured each other through so many nights

Oh! yes the European largers to my favourite Aussie stout.

You have been so good to me I must admit.

 the pleasure has been all mine.

Though; all relationships they change and so to must ours

So in the morning we shall remember and at the going

down of the sun we shall remember the hangovers too.

I love you but you don’t love me in the mornings.

As creative as I am; you have got me by the balls.

so our relationship must change and I must now take charge.

We cannot meet as much as we used to and I will call you.

Sorry it’s not you; it’s me.

Memories are our to keep; from the vodka and the gin

and the warm reds on a cold night

 to the very serviceable Crownie's,

Heineken's and Corona’s summer nights.

I fare thee well.








What makes the fundamentalist a fanatic?

Is it fear? Is it wanting to be right or is it laziness?

Or is it their conditioning or their emotional immaturity?

I have had many come to my door to induce me

to get on board to their outsourced beliefs.

Though they will never entertain the idea that it may not be true.

Try asking some to suspend their beliefs for a few years?

And investigate some other form of knowledge on a given subject.

I’d like to suggest to Climate Change Deniers to suspend

their views for the next 20 years; even though we have lost the last 10.

To get on board to clean up the planet. We could allot them special

yellow shirts for demarcation purposes for non believers only.

With the shirts reading “Just Cleaning up the planet for now”.

We would have to put it all in writing; if we get it wrong.

Then if we are wrong on Global Warming then we will be happy to be

the laughing stock and then say “yes you were right all along!

“Mea Culpa”.

We would have to give all the deniers a Ticket-tape parade in each

capital city and celebrate how stupid we were.

One big Moomba Festival for the climate change deniers.

It would be refreshing if a few well known Climate Change Deniers took to

the above challenge just to prove how fair minded and unbiased they are.

As I am prepared to challenge some of my long held beliefs by going to the North Pole.

As people have been telling me for years that Father Christmas isn’t true.

Off course I don’t believe them; but I am now prepared to look into it.




The Apology


Unfortunately The apology is a tricky thing.

Some see as an opportunity to put the boots in.

Even though you feel it’s the right thing to do.

You can see it in their eyes; no one has said sorry to them for a very long time.

They think it is a sign of weakness in your character.

It’s like Bugs Bunny apologising to Yosemite Sam.

‘Say your prayers Rabbit’ they go feralistic.

You could even tell them; “I’m going to give them $ 10,000 bucks”.

They still wouldn’t get it; until the very end of their rant.

Oh! ‘$10,000 bucks you say’ Oh right’ they would rub their hands cheerfully.

Sorry! too late Yosemite; I was only kidding.

I am learning to be discerning with The Apology.


I wrote this poem over 2 years ago.

I guess I am still work in progress on this one.





Ode to Billy Joel


Time understands it.

Love knows about it.

Martin Luther King knew about it.

Even the Gumboot shuffler Cliff Young had faith in it.

Wisdom definitely has heard about it.

“You're only human, so just for wait for

that old second wind to come along.

He also ask us to leave a tender moment alone.

Yea! leave it alone. Good advice Bill.




Fearless Fly and Hiram


Some days I feel like Fearless Fly and some-days I’m Hiram.

Some days I just want peace and tranquillity.

Other days you can get so pissed off; it brings out

my inner Billy Jack and I come out to roar.

Some people are just trouble with a capital T.

It’s best not to ask for a favour;but just do it all yourself.

So you need to plan and pace yourself and do it carefully.

Beware of the Poisoned Chalice and eccepting gifts. For

the evil sorcerer is always simmering somewhere.

Though, on those bad days I always take the blame.

You have failed to prepare and you have

gotten caught up in the humanary stampede.

Though it’s always easier said than done.

I like my inner Hiram as much as my Fearless

Fly. Hiram can’t be pushed too much as he

just likes to plod along; though he’ll get there.

Because as sure as night follows day Fearless

Fly will be back to save another day.





The Illuminati is Globalism



Lets face it Globalism is the Illuminati

The Illuminati is Globalism.

It used to be called aiming for a level playing field.

Though it has nothing to do with egalitarianism; It’s location! Location!

AKA; finding a cheap location and screwing your own people for cheap labour.

Its about the wealthy corralling things to their advantage

In some ways I have more respect for the suicide bomber

than the wealthy influential globalist capitalist ‘I jest’. Though

both are fundamentalist and I guess the suicide bomber

at least has a cause, as greed is so basic; its about power.

and people hide behind that wealth; because that’s all they know.

Like Doctor Phil says; they keep doing it; “because it's working for them”.

So, in the end Greed is a sickness and an addiction like the Nazi’s followed

their orders and got addicted to their laws and their slaughter.

And measuring all human beings by their industriousness alone is the beginning

of the end and the end of the beginning. So lets forget labels and aim for balance.

Globalism rips the guts out of any unique culture and to what made it great.

All the Kings maybe in the Counting House; counting all their money.

Though what destruction they have achieved; that only serve's their compulsive greed.






The Guru



The Guru is not God.

So beware of “The Guru”.

Some are just charismatic power junkies.

A true Guru wouldn’t charge you a cent.

maybe for board and lodgings and the time spent.

Some Gurus have just found a convenient ledge

where they pontificate with faint care and sometimes they sledge.

Like all of us Ego gets a hold of them.

They may be clever, though it can be all in their head.

Some are very caring though have by-passed the wisdom of the street.

For some it's come my way or the Highway.

Only a Justice of Heart is where it really rings true or

telling someone what's on your mind or having a blew;

where you have got it out of your system and let the cards lay.

For in the end there's only one Guru; that’s YOU!

It doesn’t mean you haven’t still something to learn.

It just means you know where you sit in the world.

And you have said your piece and

where your spirit can be your inner guru.





Merry Christmas 2019


Merry Christmas to old friends and New Friends and foes.

and the friends we have yet to meet.

Christmas day has brought us cleansing rain.

That’s one great present. Thanks Santa; you're the greatest.

See! I told everyone that Santa is true.

Lets hope we all have a peaceful day?



Too many Geeks and Not Enough Indians


Too many Geeks and Not enough Indians

Not to be confused with the fantastic Dean Martin song

Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians

Life seem to make more sense, when I first heard this song playing

And it seemed a bit more fun too, maybe it’s just nostalgia.

Back in those days the geeks or nerds or dags wouldn’t venture

very far outside their bedrooms or their private sheds or labs.

Maybe I grew up in a time of the larrikin or when the joke was king.

And I get it now that it’s your time and that Gadget Men are coming to the fore.

And I appreciate everything you’ve done and I take my hat off to you all.

Though I am not just blaming you as Capitalist’s/Multinationals are taking

advantage of your skills and are pandering to your good nature and egos.

Though, just because you can do it; doesn’t mean you should.

Because human beings cannot be trusted purely for inducements, incentives.

For you must ask yourself one day; Why am I doing all this for?

Many a good Scientist has defected to KAOS or a corrupt totalitarian regime.

Revenge of the Nerd it may be; though Computers/Robots are not a life-force.



Your Horoscope



You are held in high regard and not that anything has been handed to you on a platter.

Though are you putting your little toe where you shouldn’t? I know you are only trying to help.

Though is it your place? You need to find home again. And ask yourself, what were you really put on the planet to do?

Both of your little toes are in conflict and they are very concerned as to where you are going and why?

Have you got both feet on the ground? Though don’t worry once

you realise that you have been overplaying your hand, both little toes will come into full alignment.

And once all the stars come out to play, you will know you are on the right path and more love will be yours

in coming full moon. And there will be growth in the spring as well.

Your Horoscope is free of charge to you.






The Climate Change Wars, Teddy Hopkins

and the whole Dam Mess


Personally I hope Climate change or Global warming isn't true?Though; hope is only a psychological manifestation in being positive.Most of us really just want things to stay the same or live in those glory days or when life seemed like everything was perfect. Some live in a time warp and they are stuck in their tradition and ride it out to the very end.Some want bacon and eggs every day and a good kick up the arse at Church every Sunday.In my glory days as a kid I was wandering around The Carlton Football Club rooms at half time taking in the smell of liniment observing Big Nick’s Steinway sized-legs being massaged and then watching in awe; Alex “You Beauty” “Jezza”; sitting very relaxed on the cool concrete against a brick wall, smoking a cigarette. Cute; got me into to many places in those days. Unfortunately I am no longer cute and I am no longer a kid. We all have to grow up sometime and start using our own minds. Another Jehovah Witness came to my door this morning. I told her I was Agnostic and she didn’t even know what that meant. True story. And it just went all down hill from there.So, I decided to give her a copy of my Bible “Green Eggs and Ham”. And I ask her to look out for the hidden agenda; meanings and report back to me next week. I will be looking forward to that.So where is this story going oh’ yes So Imagine when people were first told that the earth was round all those years ago. There would have been scorn everywhere.There would have been jibes about how come we just don’t fall off the globe. And then you would have had to explain gravity and that's another complicated story. It would have been a long patient process to get everyone to be believe this. And now we have this other dilemma The Climate Change Wars. You know the ones who reject Global Warming, Climate Change absolutely.So what would some peoples motivation be,for rejecting Climate change100%? Is it Intellectual Laziness? Or are some just going along with the crowd; they are running with?Or that Powerful big business want things to continue as per usual or are these paid up puppets just sprouting their masters manifestos on this and many other areas of life?Or is it some form of mental illness of the empathy deprived, Sociopath, Psychopathic, Narcissistic disorder that many fundamentalist seem to exhibit?And you do get the feeling many on the Extreme Right are in lockstep with The Trump Regime.For they love their Strong Man “Trump” he’s their Mussolini. He’s their Savior.Though, I am starting to think there should be some sort of basic Physiological test before politicians go into Politics? Maybe it’s time Robert De Niro and Donald Trump met in a back alley in New York somewhere and sorted it all out? This is how ridiculous it is these days.Unfortunately we are fighting against many powerful peoples mental-Illnesses and sadly we are all paying for it because of our apathy, ignorance and our self preservation. As we are at the tipping point of crazy taking over common sense. Because right now everything is like The 1970 VFL Grand Final. Though it’s almost three quarter time and Teddy Hopkins is still sitting the bench.And like former Hawthorn coach John Kennedy-Snr once said “don’t think do”.Because if you don’t fight you lose. And the fighting has only just begun.




Emerald City


The politics of the Corona virus is like the play by David Williamson Emerald City. Tough Talkin Mad- Dog -Muldoon Morrison reckons we can’t hide under the Doona any more. Get out there and face world he reckons. If it was the 1970s he probably would have said get out of bed and get job you bastards. Gee! I started writing this weeks ago and Scott is now a new man, just like the rest of us.Scott,like all of us he doesn’t know what's going on.So much has happened since he made the above statement. My old man used to say get out of bed you bastard.All that tough talking 2nd world war army talk never did wash with me then or now. He used to say “you'd never be any good in the army” and I used reply “I don’t want to be in the Army Dad!”He wasn’t a Colonel Fitz from American Beauty, he was quite a humorous individual. So Scott was shaming us that we were all hiding under the doona. Beware of politicians; they will say anything for affect.In fact this has been a good time to review our culture. I used to say you could belt a Sydney-Sider over the head with a lump of 4 X 2 and they would laugh at you. Though say the wrong thing to some Melbournian’s is like saying you support Adolf Hitler. Such was the difference; though things have change somewhat these days. Like the medical blue dye The Corona Virus is showing us what’s rotten in our culture. All the squealing and harping by the Red Necks that we get back to normal hasn’t helped has it? The dye has highlighted those old Housing commission flats in Melbourne and it’s voiceless inhabitants and various other new migrant ghettos that we choose not to look at too closely. Population growth seems to be governments only tool.You don’t have to be Einstein to realise the connection between House prices and population growth. Knock that and some pollies will pull the race card on you. And lets face it from what I hear the University system sounds awful.When the only focus is money you have had it. Because Australia has borrowed every form of Neoliberalism that was rotten before we bought into it.Globalism and privatisation actually wrecks culture as its designed to do. It’s big picturing the economy so Multinationals and the wealthy control everything, Botton-up is always better than Top down or “the urinating ” trickle down effect, democracy. Extreme Capitalism is totally meaningless. It's Culture demands haves and have nots. The longer the Corona Virus goes on the more it will reveal to us of how much bullshit we have swallowed for the past 30 years or so.




I have always liked the idea of an Autarky ever since I understood what it meant.Basically it is making a county self-sufficient and if there is one country who can do this it’s Australia. Because you never know if you may go to war or there maybe worldwide plague.We don’t have to embrace it totally though with the recent Corona-Virus its worth exploring.Suddenly everyone is talking about essential services. Well, we used to own an airline called Qantas.We the people owned that. Like we the people owned CSL Telstra/Telecom or the PMG. Australia used own all the power companies Electricity, Gas,Trains,Train lines, Bus services and we have even leased out some of our ports and privatised our airports. All these are essential services. Dah !What moronic country did this? Good old Australia. And why would you sell Telstra and then build a Government owned NBN? We need to go back to the bottom line. Maybe just autarkianise the basics and all of the above plus securing affordable housing/shelter and quality inexpensive food along with looking after the environment.Privatisation has been the best Con-Job for the past 40 years. And lets start making our own products again. And not just be a country that sells all their minerals. Though after this virus is gone Australia is going to be in so much debt. Maybe there will be no money left for welfare or many other services. Maybe that’s what they want?




The Last Word Junkie


The last Word Junkie is not that prevalent.

Though, I have come upon this species occasionally.

As they stick out like a sore thumb.

They are perfectly nice people.

Though one person did it with such

regularity, they used to make me laugh.

I guess they just want clarification.

Or are they just being a control freak?

Or are they are addicted to their affliction?

They are a scarce form, but they are about.

And you’ll feel like David Attenborough

having this rare bird in your sights





I once worked at The Royal Aeronautical Society in Mayfair in London

Those were the days where you could get a job literally anywhere. I used

To run functions for British Aerospace to the Queens own Army The

Royal Hussars. And I even looked after The Mexican President Press Team

Everyday was like I was working on the set of the TV show; Upstairs

Downstairs. As there would be havoc amongst the underlings if the late

Mr Late never got his tea cosy with his Tea and scones .And if that old

Dumb Waiter or the that rotten old lift wasn’t working someone, usually

me; would have to make a dash up 3 flights up the  old Spiral Staircase

to get it to him. That Spiral staircase was something else and right out of

and old black and white movie and going down was scarier than going up.

Especially late at night  with all the old Majors pictures on the walls.

I was surprised to still see some wearing Bowler Hats around Mayfair.

London was Circus in 1985, full of history and mystery and so expensive

way back then. London was exiting and dreary at the same time. But I’m

sure glad I went there






So how did all this bickering start? Left vrs Right, Black vrs White.I’m not saying that things were perfect in the 1960s or 1970’s or 1980’s.Though from workers perspective things were pretty good.As your dollar could buy a good standard of living and most could afford to have a roof over their heads.And then came John. Mr 10%.User pays, people became clients instead of citizens or society. Private does it better than government run institutions? Tax payers money pumped into private schools.The private sector given billions to humiliate and send the unemployed around in circles. How bad has privatisation been for Australia? Let me count the ways. We never used to take Americans too seriously until moneyed men bought into their ideology.We just blindly bought it of the shelf. Unfortunately the USA never implemented FDRs Franklin D Roosevelt second New Deal.Bretton Woods, Keynesian style or working-people friendly policies. Nixon got rid of Bretton Woods and The Gold standard in favour of Qualitative Easing. Jimmy Carter warned that too many identify by what one owns than what one does.Then came Ronny. He acquiescest to all the demands of powerful wealthy people and then Wall Street Tycoon Mr “Speed it up”Don Regan were in the Ronald Reagan administration. They Reduced Taxes. Removed The Glass Steagall Regulation. Reduced the power of all government regulators. Basically letting the Wall Street market rip along with Allen Woody Greenspan destroyed the USA's industrial infrastructure.All this was done so Wall Street could make quick profits which lead to The Sub Prime Mortgages Fiasco with the Collaterlised Debt Obligation or CDOs which lead to 2008 Financial Crisis.And here we are in 2020 still hanging to the same form of Capitalism.



The Ballad of Edmond Pittard


When I was boy in the 1960’s a travelling salesman by the name of Eddy Pittard would come to our home selling new clothes. A cheerful fellow with a cheeky quizzical grin. Eddy would visit many people in the suburbs and neighbourhoods in Melbourne.Eddy was lot of fun too as he would let me and my sister ride in the back of his Combi Van splashing around in all the clothes he used to sell. Though not sure if they were returns or new? Though by the time I was a teen I only bought his underpants as Eddy clothes were pretty uncool. Though, he continued selling to my parents tastes; in the 70s 80s 90s and beyond.Some used to take the piss out of Eddy.Though I think he saw and heard everything and he was no fool. A salesman par-excellence who definitely knew a thing or two.Eddy would sell all his wares to many a woman and family across the land. Me thinks Eddy got lucky a few times too. Eddy was old school and the customer was always right and he was very discerning too.Many years after I had left home and my father had died Eddy would still visit my mother. My mother said she couldn’t stand him coming anymore; though she never had the courage to tell him not to come anymore. And she once told him “I won’t be home next week Eddy” “No worries Joanie” in his best singsong voice. “I know where the key is hidden”. In the end Eddy would use our house only for a toilet stop.This attitude defines Eddy a man of ruddy complexion and a man of robust character and an ancestry from. “Pittard an unflattering nickname from a derivative of Old French pite.”Though there were no flies on Eddy for he knew where his butter was bread.Yes; the legend and zeitgeist that was Edmond Pittard will live long and large that Eddy, could have taught Willy Lowman a thing or two.