Love Serenade 


I’m saddened to hear the death of Australian Movie Director and author Shirley Barrett. Writer and director of one of my all time favorite Australian movies; “Love Serenade”.

Poetry in Motion 


I’d like to thanks those who accompanied me on the convoy from Brighton to the Ghetto last Wednesday night. It was one hell of a wild ride. So much fun wasn’t it? We must do it again. Twas a mary-dance and Poetry in motion I must say. it was almost like the tale about the Fox and the Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch!

Solutions for Australia’s massive Housing Issue. 


Housing Solutions


1) We can still keep Negative Gearing though stop it after their 1st or maybe? their 2nd Residential investment property. 


2) Reinstate the full Capital Gains Tax or make them wait longer for their 50% discount to 4 years or so.Instead of the very short  12 months.


3) Stop handing out The people’s money for Government Home Loan Grants. Maybe some small amount for people earning  $50,000 or under a year. And maybe some Tax incentives.


4) And start taxing short-term holiday rentals like Airbnb much more.This would ease long term rental availability and cost of long term rental prices. Interestingly I have friend called Pommy Mark who said he couldn't wait to pay more tax for his Airbnb property. As he said his new adopted country has been so to good him. And he feels he need’s to give back to society that helped make him wealthy. A truly wonderful human being.

Post Election 

It’s taken me a couple of days to get over the election result. Still shocked; though it’s a great result. As I thought; it would never happen. Kudos to Morrison's and the  LNP 's speedy exit and handover.Our democracy is in good shape.


The Last Ditched Effort 



It appears uncertain and rusted on LNP /Morrison voters are suffering from a version of Stockholme Syndrome. They have become so mesmerized by the great Houdini’ Rabbit out of the hat Morrrison. He is one of the greatest actors of all time and he is up there with Anthony Hopkins. Though I’d feel much safer if he was up there on the stage and not running the country. Because if this government is given another term I feel we will be headed for a 1930s type depression. The economy is rockier than is being told. The Swaggies defined the early depression and the neo homeless are everywhere; as they are the collateral damage of 26 years of “The John Howard Extreme American Style Capitalism policies”; still playing out now. Fear and divisiveness is their greatest weapon and Scott knows how to work a room like all the great evangelistic thespians. Convincing working class contractors to vote for the LNP because they will pay less tax. And the massive legislated Morrison Tax Cuts for the wealthy will effect the economy going forward and they will likely raise the GST to rescue it; which mainly effects low income workers and the less well-off the most. Tax is a very dirty word for the LNP; though its really code for not governing for everyone. For they hate the poor. We are now living in the haves and have not’s class system. And the privatized trailer parks are coming very soon.


Voting in the Election  


Voting in the Election 

Anthony Albanese is not the greatest orator in the world; though I believe he has integrity. And I think he and his team will be a breath of fresh air if they get voted in as he has some capable people behind him. And having intelligent “Independent's”; actually works. As they will keep the bastards fair. Zoe Daniel, would be a lovely fit in the seat of Goldstein.The Labor Party for a long time has acknowledge the issues involving climate change. For too many years the Liberal Party has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to admit it’s an issue. The USA has a Trump. We have the whole LNP. And they could really do with a very long break. And voting for the “United Australia Party” will be an absolute wasted vote. In my humble opinion.


I am totally in awe of some Ukrainians bravery and the clarity of which they speak. Amazing people.I'm sure many Russians feel the same.Hoping for a ceasefire asap!

The Port of Darwin and the Manchurian Candidate 

The Australian Conservative party The LNP under our illustrious leader; Mr Morrison sure knows how to display his party's hypocrisy. We could have called the ex LNP minister Mr Robb a "Manchurian Candidate" by allowing the Chinese company; "Landbridge Group" to have a 99 year lease on the Port of Darwin. We are not too bright down here; are we?

Being Hacked  

It seems some never cease their online tricks .Today my email was hacked again from a link from my Linkedin account.Be careful kids; it's jungle out there.

 Music Observations


My favourite singer song writers are Billy Joel, Sisto Rodriguez and Sting. 

My favourite Australian Jazz Musicians are Bernie McGann, Vince Jones and Smacka Fitzgibbon.

My favourite female singer songwriters are Carol King,Beth Nielsen Chapman and Nina Simone.

My favourite all time male singers are Dean Martin,George Michael and Donny Hathaway

My favourite all time female singers are Ella Fitzgerald,Anita Baker and Julie London

My favourite Rock Bands Santana,Bad Company,The Little River Band, before they sold their rights.


Best Jazz Musicians I have played with and their Instrument.

Best Double Bass Players would have to be Adam Spiegl and

 for Electric Bass it's the Master; Senor Jorge Alberquerque. 

And for the best Jazz Guitarist; it's an odd choice because this 

guy mainly plays Reggae though when I played with him and 

when he was on song there was no one better than Steven Silk.

And Kosta Glouzman is a creative genius on the piano.

                  Phil Hayter; I would rate very highly on the Alto Sax.

And for the best Piano Accompaniment player I performed with was Agus Batara.If I had to choose one. Though I have performed with many great Accompanists as previously mentioned.