Stalkers Are Us 

Of all the Stalkers I've ever met; OscarThe Sleeze is the best……! 

A House of Cards 


A House of Cards


Looking back over the past 40 years or so; we have totally wrecked the joint called Australia.All the cracks are starting to show. Unbridled Capitalism has destroyed us socially, environmentally and politically. No one person is worth some outrageous salary’s, dividends and payouts some CEO’s earn. A form of Orwell’s 1984 is here right now. And we have had zero planning with regards to the social outcomes of immigration. The population growth was and is all about GDP. Keeping the wheels ticking over for the Capitalist’s. Offshoring, Outsourcing and Privatisation has been part of our undoing also. And we used to adhere to a form of integration years ago. I know that was sometimes seen as a little harsh though trusting accountants and bean counters on all your countries solutions is recipe of what we have now. Fix society and the economy will take care of itself. And tourism isn’t a business; it’s by-product or a bonus. And to the young ones; the Baby Boomers have had it the best. Some have now added a little French Chateau to their property portfolios so they can escape the very harsh Australian winters. Equity in property; is the only game in town now. Don’t by into their criticism that you are lazy or can’t do the hard work. We are living in a parallel universe. Some are waving with a smile of course and some of you are drowning.


Housing Emergency and Perfection 


 I am so glad Mr Anthony Albanese has stated privately that he will never ever mention publicly his so-called struggles growing up in a housing Commission home. Because it would be insulting to people who are renting or are homeless in 2023. As his experience pales into insignificance to the modern horror; called renting in Australia. I like what The Greens party’s Max Chandler-Mather policies has been putting forward regarding the housing crises. Though we need to start building homes ASAP. Though and sorry to quote Sting again. “The search for perfection is all very well. But to look for heaven is to be here in hell’. Greens; sometimes a win is a win. Grab what you can get. Though Albo is playing politics and doing The George Costanzza “I must be liked” act. Politicians shouldn’t try to be celebrities. We are in a crises Mr Albanese. I’d be bringing in the Army and start building homes made of mud-bricks lined with recyclable materials. Do something! do anything! Though lets build energy saving quality homes not crappy ones built by dodgy tradesmen. Surely we can use our imagination and ingenuity and make a start and build one home of quality. Mind you the other side have wrecked the joint. And anyway they won’t be back in power for another 10 years. Mr Albanese you have the ascendancy. Don’t waste time playing it safe. Get rid of those stupid Tax Cuts and also and get rid of Negative Gearing after the 2nd investment property and bring back the Full Capital Gains Tax or make them wait longer than 1 year to get any benefits. And you can’t keep bringing more people here if we can’t affordable house them. In the words of John Kennedy; Don’t think Do!

On a second view I am totally  with you Max and Adam  Bandt. Albo doesn't get it.


Investigate all the homes that are left empty for years and years and no one ever lives in them.

I know of one place that has been internally renovated 3 times in the past 12 years though no one ever

lives there. Houses, homes are like stock piling gold for the rich and wealthy. It's now a global thing

These houses are like Blue Chip asset-class stocks. They are held like shares and the renovations can provide good losses against company gains. Some religious groups and companies ie) pty ltd companies are buying up residential properties in a very big way. The average Australian desire to own one roof over your head is competing against this unfairness along with dodgy off shore funds that are invested into safe blue chip Aussie homes; that no one ever lives in.


In Celebration of the King  



On this auspicious day I’d like to take time out for a moment of consideration and reflection for the recognition of the King. His body of work is unparalleled. I have followed him like a loyal subject since the beginning. Not sure why he hits all the Notes for me? Is it; that many of his songs are sung in a minor key? Is that the secret? For he is the grand-master and the William Shakespeare of Popular Music. A great philosopher and intellect and a man of fine words and insightful wisdom. There are so many fine sonnets and numerous solutions in just one song “History will teach us nothing” for one. Is it time he changed a chord; got his hands dirty and headed for the House Of Lords? “It’s Probably Me” just thinking out-loud. Anyway Long Live The King; The King of Pop music; Sting. Charlie's not a bad bloke either.


The Tasmanian Football Stadium 

I am totally with Jacquie Lambie and the protestors in Tasmania regarding building a brand new Football stadium .If the AFL want's to build a brand new stadium? I think they should pay for it also.

Some Protest more loudly than others. 


Obstinate Ignorance


Obstinate Ignorance fights you on the last train to Auschwitz. Even though you love them they choose not to see. They’d rather talk about the weather or the birds flying by. Or the vork, “Yes! there’s so much vork down there”. “You vait and see”. To the ones who fight and fight you only to one day eventually tell you it was their idea in the first place. Or trusting Formalised Education so much so that you throw out your own intuition. And To the person who told me I couldn’t put a wardrobe in my kitchen. It may have started it’s life as a wardrobe though it doesn’t always have to be. And in some relationships; some treat you like a possession. To the one way conversations who talk at you and not to you. And the greatest obstinate ignorance of them “All Religions.To me it’s like outsourcing your own mind to the tooth-fairy. Obstinate Ignorance is incredibly lazy also. And nor can you reason with it.


I wrote the above  poem a few years ago and it created some consternation in some. I guess it is anti religious . And the voicing of the Jew is based on the Australian actor Johnny Lockwood character Aldo Godolfus from the old Australia TV serial Number 96. As he was the first Jew I’d probably ever heard of. Though he sounded a little more Italian than Jewish. And I probably didn’t see my first Orthodox Jew until I was 22. I guess I could have called this Poem “Intellectual Laziness”; maybe that would have been less offensive. I was only mocking the Vordink. And maybe a fictional character that could be found anywhere in society. Re Auschwitz. Some doth protest too much I think. In the end we are all sensitive about something. We just need to watch the collective sensitivity and selective outrage. I didn’t realise how ignorant I was until I went overseas for the first time. Apart from falling down a Big Rabbit hole in the last few years which has sent me on a big learning curve. I am Fundamentalist Seinfeld fan. It’s the best TV sitcom ever. And all I know is many roads in my education leads to watching Seinfeld. From Uncle Leo antics to  Jerry’s last out-take on The Big Salad episode on how to extract revenge. We are all offended and effected by ignorance. We are all human; don’t sweat the small or the easy stuff. Though I do think it’s time the Jewish orthodox woman were allowed to wear the same hats as the men; but only if they chose to do so. I think its time they had a one to one debate on that. Though it’s just one mans opinion or observation. I think the poem was about thinking and trusting yourself and not being manipulated by anything or anyone. I am anti religious. And anti bullying.And all I have is a pen.


The Mining Boom Solomon Islands and Residential Housing  


I remember everyone bragging in the 1990s and the turn of the century on how much money we were all making in Australia from the mining boom. China was our greatest purchaser. Why did they want it? No one really cared why. In the end China probably stockpiled over a 120 years worth of Iron Ore. And all I can remember from the time John Howard came to power in 1996; Tienanmen Square stopped being mentioned. That’s when Australia started the big ideological change to Privatisation and Neoliberalism. Many couldn't or chose not to see it. Gee! I even I voted for John Howard that year. John was quite lucky because the internet/ computing was now coming into play. And many of us were floundering around trying to work it all out. And many like me are still floundering with it now. Around this time many a new start up computer companies were listed on the stock-exchange for the boom and bust in the Dot- Com period. Many a pony-tailed geek were heading up new and old companies and the old guys and their years of experience and wisdom were laid off. And after the Port Arthur massacre John was as popular as “Simon The Likeable” from TVs; “Get Smart”. A cricket tragic that older folk saw as their hipdedo rock star. I am not sure if John was just ignorant, manipulated, or a victim or deceptive. Though through his deep conservatism, his sell out to everything bad about USA capitalism, Thatcher-ism and Royalism ; he was nothing but a betrayal to egalitarian Australians. Basically John was a sucker to Pom and Pageantry and con artist’s from the USA on how we should run our country. And he was man of zero imagination. And in the end a terrible leader. And his ego brought his own party down. I've always been a bottom up person. Who’s more valuable in society someone who’s going to look after you when you are old and demented or some self satisfied empathy deprived CEO. Bottom up is a perfect measure of what sort society we want live in, And when the shit hits the fan who’s there for you? In Australia no one is. I’d rather be living in a village in Kalimantan when you are old and decrepit than Australia. Surely we can pay someone $40 an hour in a Nursing Home to look after the elderly. Since John came to power CEO pays sky rocketed to a crazy level. Though his Piece de resistance policy was turning residential housing into an asset class; like a stock market. Halving Capital Gains Tax. Incorporating Residential housing in Super. Giving Rich kids home loans grants to buy Million Dollar homes. Home loan grants are the  worst idea of all. Now large companies are just buying existing blue chip blocks of flats as an investment and for Tax minimisation purposes. And allowing overseas investors to buy up residential property with potentially laundered money. Allowing investors to maximise their rents via Air B and B; which puts so much financial stress on people wanting long term rentals. Degrading Public Housing to such a small levels. And Negative Gearing continues . Then there was Morrison’s Renovation Rescue to the wealthy middle class instead putting money into public housing. John started it and it’s still going on. And the questionable wisdom of The Reserve Bank. They are still pumping this Residential Housing boom/ house of cards along for as long as they can. The residential property market is 50% overvalued. Its an absolute rort and this government has been the architect of this joke. It’s time to shut  this corruption down. It’s our own version of Tammany Hall and Boss Tweed is still in power. This governments ideological focus has been it’s masters; ie, The Rich and wealthy middle class status quo. And like all fundamentalist's oligarchs absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the end a roof over your head is a human right. Like the mining boom was all about $ signs in our eyes as to is the housing boom. Homelessness is rampant. China is now going to govern law and order in the Solomon Islands. Blind Ideology got us here in the first place. Make no mistake population growth was all about money and  growth of GDP. What's next armaments for war of course we will have buy them from the USA. Because we don’t even make our own water pistols here anymore let alone a car or a tank. We are all drunk on American idealism with Ocker Australia Day’ Renovation Rescue, with a Married at First Sight, Farmer wants a wife twist. Stupid and Greed is what you get if your only focus is the dollar. Though when China does officially take over. I do hope they let us keep The Moomba Festival for old time sake.


Electronic Harassment and The Tin Foiled Hat 

Had I read what I am about to write 25 years ago I would believe that I am mad. It seems the Tin Foil brigade may have be on to something. We are living in very strange and dark times;especially with technology as its out of control. Doing a little bit of research;some people say they are being targeted and tortured by these electronic beams to harass them. The technology is definitely out there. Were we always this evil? Or is it just some of the status-quo defending its patch? Apparently the only ones who will be safe from these electronic beams are the sheep.


Good Friday and something lost 


Help Reward for my You Tube Page; Lost? in cyberspace

Buddy Love Jazz Singer

now called Buddy Love Jazz Singer @buddylovejazzsinger7790

Though its really been commandeered by someone else.

I now also notice that you can’t find my music in a Google search anymore?

Some people seem to have all the power. I wonder who they could be?

And I  am not sure why they call this day Good Friday? As it was a bad day for poor old Jesus.

And has our world really change since this Inauspicious day?


 Music Observations


My favourite singer song writers are Billy Joel, Sisto Rodriguez and Sting. 

My favourite Australian Jazz Musicians are Bernie McGann, Vince Jones and Smacka Fitzgibbon.

My favourite female singer songwriters are Carol King,Beth Nielsen Chapman and Nina Simone.

My favourite all time male singers are Dean Martin,George Michael and Donny Hathaway

My favourite all time female singers are Ella Fitzgerald,Anita Baker and Julie London

My favourite Rock Bands Santana,Bad Company,The Little River Band, before they sold their rights.


Best Jazz Musicians I have played with and their Instrument.

Best Double Bass Players would have to be Adam Spiegl and

 for Electric Bass it's the Master; Senor Jorge Alberquerque. 

And for the best Jazz Guitarist; it's an odd choice because this 

guy mainly plays Reggae though when I played with him and 

when he was on song there was no one better than Steven Silk.

And Kosta Glouzman is a creative genius on the piano.

                  Phil Hayter; I would rate very highly on the Alto Sax.

And for the best Piano Accompaniment player I performed with was Agus Batara.If I had to choose one. Though I have performed with many great Accompanists as previously mentioned.