Big Brother is Here! 


Big Brother is here in another guise. Big Brother is Multi National Companies or Large Corporations. It’s The Macdonaldization or the Multli Level Marketing cancer that kills off humanity. Like the slow eventual boiling of a frog in a pot of cold water under a flame; we see the results far too late. By then the people shrug their shoulders and say “that’s just the way it is mate”. They except it like many except formalised religion. Basically they are accepting money/power over sense. I remember once remonstrating with a work colleague that he stop wearing the free Tee Shirt he was given by the large company we worked for. He really just hadn’t thought about it. Many of these companies will take your soul.. And like the poor old boiling frog the many see it; all too late. Before too long they will be indoctrinated by the companies ideology. Again a bit like religion or power it will eventually win.That is why Narcissist’s do so well in these conditions. For they have zero empathy and they are happy to follow the companies line. Whatever that maybe. I believe that one in every four people is a Narcissist. So in that knowledge we must assume that not all people can not be trusted to do the fair thing. Some staff abuse the public's privacy. ie Telco's and Banks etc and many other types of companies .The Multi Level Marketing Concept has always been about exploiting the worst side of human nature. As John Lennon’s eloquent lyrics say in his song “Working Class Hero”. “There’s Room at Top They are telling you still”. “But first must learn how to smile as you kill; “if you want to be like the folks on the hill.”. Power can manipulate any whim to achieve an outcome. That’s why the world needs strong hard-line regulations for companies and businesses. Especially now with AI and all the technological devices. Now, you really need to do a 3 year technology degree to fully understand Computer Technology. And by that time you will probably have to do another course to understand the new technology coming out. And never before have we seen such a match made in Hell with Capitalism and technology and Artificial Intelligence. Companies probably have a 100 year forecast plans. Huston! we already have a big problem now! Personally I'd prefer stand alone apps and; that I have full control of a device without the internet doing the changes on my laptop and collecting data. Here’s the thing I’'d pay an extra $500 for a  computer that does this. I know this would sound crazy at a Geeks Fondue Pyjama Party. Have they not watched Midnight Express. And with the fact we have all this new clandestine recording equipment and spy- cameras and tracking devises available to us; there are many Big Brothers watching us. And for some time I have been worried about my last colonoscopy. Something I used to joke about. Though there was a last minute replacement by a surgeon called Doctor Christian Szell. Mmmm.



A Cassette, Pettiness and Peace 

Dear Osky Wasky Puddin Pie it sure has been some journey for the past 5 years. Your kind of evil has taught me a great deal though. There is no doubting that you have had a fine education and that you are a learned fellow though when push comes to shove you are just a slave to your nurture. And yes you do have a great deal of power sitting in that ivory tower pontificating on what us poor miss guided fools should be doing every day. You certainly are a man of your time. You have everything at your disposal. Technology, learned history, language, access to theologians and historical strategist’s and influential powerful connections. I am sure you must feel like a God sometimes or is it the devil. Whether directly or indirectly you know that I have had listening devices and cameras placed in my homes for the past few years and tapping my phone calls as well and getting texts from one phone company that say they don’t know why I am getting them. This has given you so much fun hasn’t it? Those cameras are so powerful they can focus in a small tablet like Buscopan. Then they’ll run an advert on that product while I’m watching a You Tube video. Sometimes bragging rights and an evil twists that the camera operators are having so much sadistic fun that they just have to let me know just how much power they have over you. Though; the main reason they film/photograph you in your own home is so they can get all your passwords from all the web sites that you log into. Or see what you are writing about on your laptop or break into my place while I’m asleep as someone already has a key. They can even jam up your computer so you can’t use it at all. Or in my case show a fake page stating that all my music has been removed. Along with all my private emails being hacked; its all designed to drive you crazy. I am not sure what spying equipment they use? It could be an Israeli company that make a Spyware product called Pegasus? or Candid Camera for creeps. I now have to cover myself with a bed sheet to use the computer. And the another debauched pleasure is found in running an image or an advert on You Tube about the activity I am doing at the time like a certain  Yoga posture or something else. This is what you represent a powerful invasion of privacy. Though in your pettiness and your Achilles-heal and a dead give away with my my piece-resistance evidence is. And yes I don’t know whether I have been coming or going lately with all the stalking. Good Cop, Bad Cop stuff on the internet and spying. It’s all designed to intimidate you. From house break inns and surveillance etc. And the early give away of your evil was going on a dating site a few years ago and I was only ever being contacted by Jewish women. Yes that was so much fun for you wasn’t it Oscky Wasky? Though the theft of one little item from my current abode is so hilarious and pathetic and petty. And oh so petty is the theft of my cassette tape of Elton John’s “The Collection” Album was a dead give away of the your pettiness and invasion on my life and privacy. So I will state my view on Elton’s and Bernie's song called “Border Song”. I believe that Elton added the last verse to this song to avoid being called Anti Semitic. Or to put it this way, he did it so he could live in peace as the song lyrics suggests. Let us live in peace. So’ yes so let us live in peace. Though a last verse was added to kind of muddy the waters. Don’t mention the war smokescreen; with an early 70s US civil rights anti racist feel to it. “There’s a man over there what’s his colour I don’t care”. “He’s my brother let us live in peace”.Da Da dump da dum da dum. You knew I played this album quite a lot didn’t you Osky? I should sue you for loss of earnings and harassment and for not been able finish any of my projects for the past 5 years. And your other Jewish music friends who make sure my music is so hard to find online or its either found in “plumbing equipment” area or in the “Latvian Unorthodox Polka music” section on You Tube. You are such a cowardly sadistic man. …..And  you are still listening to my phone calls Osk-wasky.


Osky Wasky you really need to help me to get the perpetrators to remove the listening devices and Camera’s from my home. How about they come over and remove them? I won’t tell anyone. I’ll even make them a cup of Tea and they can go their merry way. Common! Osky Wasky you can do it. I know you secretly admire me. And tell your friend he stil's owes me with interest around $5000 for smashing up my mini bike when I was 14.  And was that your nephew's son stalking me Donald? As he had the same head.

Sam and Jordan and Religion  

The latest YouTube podcast with Jordan Petersen and Sam Harris was another loss for organised Religion. Psychologist Jordan Peterson retreat to religion is like a cry to Mummy or the womb when one has truly caved into nuture or what it felt like to be loved. Sam just played a straight bat and hit ignorance and fanaticism for 6; ever so nicely of  course. Six is a cricketing term for our dear American friends. It's like hitting a home run in baseball .We will all do the cry to Mummy sometime in our lives even Sam. Good to see Jordan looking relaxed and composed and more professional than I’d seen him for some time. Religion lost again badly. Charisma, charm, story-telling soothsaying, convictional, car-salesmanship, from yesteryear doth not make it true. The only hell is here on earth and you will find it in evil trouble-making people. And they are usually the fundamentalist's.

Religion, Father Christmas and Community 


It seems some are still addicted to surveillance, spying and stalking. And for some religious groups; it still is there go to position. For they are in the information business. They must know everything. That’s why they position themselves or make sure they have a person in every country, company, business, government, industry orifice and port across the world. They are very good at business of course though its more about the network. For they have always got there ear the ground. Maybe; it’s just fear about being an ethnic minority. And they still live by the old world underground network of gossip. The pros are obvious though the cons are organised religion itself. This year I finally got confirmation from the North Pole that Father Christmas isn’t true. Wow! It’s has been hard to process and soul searching time for me. Apparently like Superman he’s just a man in a suit. I can’t believe it and it’s a hard pill to swallow. So we are just individuals and we have to sort it all out for by ourselves? Well jeepers that’s quite liberating when you really think about it. Right; so what does that mean? Well; we can still learn from Religion? The Rituals are good. Maybe doing Meditation or Yoga with a candle in the mornings and saying an aphorism for the day is spirituality in its self. Connecting with your self and solving a problem. Connecting with yourself is Religion. Because if you don’t have any compassion for yourself you can’t have any for someone else. Second issue is we need community. Maybe we just need some organised Community Talk cafes where we just chat to anyone and everyone of all ages about anything. There is enough good philosophy and psychology out there to guide us all. I am now embracing the fact that Santa isn’t true. It’s hard though maybe I can finally grow up and stand on my own 2 feet. Why was I getting so excited for just one day of the year anyway? When I can get in touch with me everyday. All organised Religion obviously has the good, bad and ugly side in them though some behave like the Mafia.And the breakdown of Religion and people leaving it has seen a rise in antisocial behaviour where some head toward some unproven conspiracy theories or end up in some Red Neck Cult; like the sycophants who follow an ex President. Maybe real religion is having the courage to work on your own shortcomings and to realise in the end we are all on our own. You don’t have to join a club to be member of the human race. The noise of power and the kaos of society is the antithesis of what we need. And trouble is always caused by the cowards and Narcissists. The thing is; I can handle angry, sad, opposite, difficult, unauthentic people though the cowardly manipulative types you can never trust. Religion was and is a man made construct to control people. And I believe children shouldn’t be taught religion until they are 18 years of age. It should be like getting your car license. Basically any younger than 18 years is an indoctrination of the innocent. Groucho Marx said it best. “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member”. Along with Groucho’s fine teachings comic great “Saint George Carlin” has left us with some funny and articulate rants and genius on religion. And, science communicator, astronomer and atheist Carl Sagon had some interesting views on religion; saying “spirituality should be scientifically informed and traditional religions should be abandoned”. That sounds like a far more exiting and liberating future and than viewing it through all these ridiculous archaic Religions.

Things I have learnt about the internet 


Sadly I learnt a great deal about the internet and how unsafe we are.


  1. If you are logging into your email or any of your regular web sites; take note if the web site is slightly faded or a little unclear.I believe some scammers can put an almost clear screen over the top of your web site that you are logging into via a cookie or something.Then they can capture your email and password. That way they can log into to it any old time and see what you are up to.It's another form of surveillance. It's a thing I think.

My house was broken into 


My  house was broken into


My house was broken into last Wednesday.These 2 crooks were in my house for 1 hour and 40 minutes.They  were there from 1.50pm  to 3.30pm in the afternoon. I know this because I recorded them on my phone. They came in through my front door somehow. Welcome to the country. If anyone has some information; I am offering a reward.  I also have a car Registration plate number  ADD 944  You can contact me at this email address.     


What's been going on. 

I’d like to thank the lovely soul who sent me all the Buddy Love -You Tube page Subscribers names to me. Some surprise names on there indeed. I also found out who has commandeered my Buddy Loves Jazz You Tube Page. 11 months without a drop of Alcohol and a move to the country.    And thanks Anita I had no idea you were a fan.

A House of Cards 


A House of Cards


Looking back over the past 40 years or so; we have totally wrecked the joint called Australia.All the cracks are starting to show. Unbridled Capitalism has destroyed us socially, environmentally and politically. No one person is worth some outrageous salary’s, dividends and payouts some CEO’s earn. A form of Orwell’s 1984 is here right now. And we have had zero planning with regards to the social outcomes of immigration. The population growth was and is all about GDP. Keeping the wheels ticking over for the Capitalist’s. Offshoring, Outsourcing and Privatisation has been part of our undoing also. And we used to adhere to a form of integration years ago. I know that was sometimes seen as a little harsh though trusting accountants and bean counters on all your countries solutions is recipe of what we have now. Fix society and the economy will take care of itself. And tourism isn’t a business; it’s by-product or a bonus. And to the young ones; the Baby Boomers have had it the best. Some have now added a little French Chateau to their property portfolios so they can escape the very harsh Australian winters. Equity in property; is the only game in town now. Don’t by into their criticism that you are lazy or can’t do the hard work. We are living in a parallel universe. Some are waving with a smile of course and some of you are drowning.


Housing Emergency and Perfection 


 I am so glad Mr Anthony Albanese has stated privately that he will never ever mention publicly his so-called struggles growing up in a housing Commission home. Because it would be insulting to people who are renting or are homeless in 2023. As his experience pales into insignificance to the modern horror; called renting in Australia. I like what The Greens party’s Max Chandler-Mather policies has been putting forward regarding the housing crises. Though we need to start building homes ASAP. Though and sorry to quote Sting again. “The search for perfection is all very well. But to look for heaven is to be here in hell’. Greens; sometimes a win is a win. Grab what you can get. Though Albo is playing politics and doing The George Costanzza “I must be liked” act. Politicians shouldn’t try to be celebrities. We are in a crises Mr Albanese. I’d be bringing in the Army and start building homes made of mud-bricks lined with recyclable materials. Do something! do anything! Though lets build energy saving quality homes not crappy ones built by dodgy tradesmen. Surely we can use our imagination and ingenuity and make a start and build one home of quality. Mind you the other side have wrecked the joint. And anyway they won’t be back in power for another 10 years. Mr Albanese you have the ascendancy. Don’t waste time playing it safe. Get rid of those stupid Tax Cuts and also and get rid of Negative Gearing after the 2nd investment property and bring back the Full Capital Gains Tax or make them wait longer than 1 year to get any benefits. And you can’t keep bringing more people here if we can’t affordable house them. In the words of John Kennedy; Don’t think Do!

On a second view I am totally  with you Max and Adam  Bandt. Albo doesn't get it.


Investigate all the homes that are left empty for years and years and no one ever lives in them.

I know of one place that has been internally renovated 3 times in the past 12 years though no one ever

lives there. Houses, homes are like stock piling gold for the rich and wealthy. It's now a global thing

These houses are like Blue Chip asset-class stocks. They are held like shares and the renovations can provide good losses against company gains. Some religious groups and companies ie) pty ltd companies are buying up residential properties in a very big way. The average Australian desire to own one roof over your head is competing against this unfairness along with dodgy off shore funds that are invested into safe blue chip Aussie homes; that no one ever lives in.


In Celebration of the King  



On this auspicious day I’d like to take time out for a moment of consideration and reflection for the recognition of the King. His body of work is unparalleled. I have followed him like a loyal subject since the beginning. Not sure why he hits all the Notes for me? Is it; that many of his songs are sung in a minor key? Is that the secret? For he is the grand-master and the William Shakespeare of Popular Music. A great philosopher and intellect and a man of fine words and insightful wisdom. There are so many fine sonnets and numerous solutions in just one song “History will teach us nothing” for one. Is it time he changed a chord; got his hands dirty and headed for the House Of Lords? “It’s Probably Me” just thinking out-loud. Anyway Long Live The King; The King of Pop music; Sting. Charlie's not a bad bloke either.


 Music Observations


My favourite singer song writers are Billy Joel, Sisto Rodriguez and Sting. 

My favourite Australian Jazz Musicians are Bernie McGann, Vince Jones and Smacka Fitzgibbon.

My favourite female singer songwriters are Carol King,Beth Nielsen Chapman and Nina Simone.

My favourite all time male singers are Dean Martin,George Michael and Donny Hathaway

My favourite all time female singers are Ella Fitzgerald,Anita Baker and Julie London

My favourite Rock Bands Santana,Bad Company,The Little River Band, before they sold their rights.


Best Jazz Musicians I have played with and their Instrument.

Best Double Bass Players would have to be Adam Spiegl and

 for Electric Bass it's the Master; Senor Jorge Alberquerque. 

And for the best Jazz Guitarist; it's an odd choice because this 

guy mainly plays Reggae though when I played with him and 

when he was on song there was no one better than Steven Silk.

And Kosta Glouzman is a creative genius on the piano.

                  Phil Hayter; I would rate very highly on the Alto Sax.

And for the best Piano Accompaniment player I performed with was Agus Batara.If I had to choose one. Though I have performed with many great Accompanists as previously mentioned.