Jazz, Unions, and Venues 

The music industry needs a union especially Jazz. So many are doing gigs for nothing. I know many who would appreciate $20 so they could at the very least afford to buy a pie and a milkshake on the way home or put some petrol in their car. Some venues still make musician’s pay for food and they receive zero payment. I won’t go into the politics of why this is the case. Whether we need a union or provide some collective muscle to ensure that some musos get some small payment regardless for just  turning up; irrespective of the venues patronage.


I love the fact that I can still discuss politics with some friends who are diametrically apposed to my views.


Thanks again 

Thanks again  to my supporters and the ones who like my poems. I will hopefully have an online book out  early next year.

my email address is the best form of contact. Cheers  Nik  Sandy and Judd.


Thanks for all the nice feedback on my Poems and the support from my friends in Sydney and in the US and elsewhere.


I hope to finally get them into an online book very soon.

Australian TV Commercials 

About 25 years ago a NSW Parliamentarian complained that TV commercials were too loud. 

And everyone laughed at him.They’re still too loud 25 years on. Change happens slowly here.

Radio National  

Radio National or RN would be one of the best kept secrets in Australia. 

I have been listening for over 12 years now. Though when I ask many 

people have you heard of RN? People say Who? What? Who? Then 

I try to explain that RN is short for Radio National and I can never remember 

The right word to say that RN is an “Acronym”.And they just glaze their 

eyes over or we go on to talk about something else.

 So I would have to conclude changing their name to RN would 

have to be one of the worst PR exercises in history. Radio National, 

 sure is a contrast to some other propaganda radio station on AM Radio

And you don’t have to put up with the commercials either.

It’s a pretty informative,educative, balanced and an amazing Radio station;

and it's available to everyone if you are looking for something different.

                                                                Though I’m still hoping Philip Adams takes a call from the average punter one day.

Conversation, Listening and Comments  

I wish people would ask more questions than make statements or comments. I’m not talking about prying questions I’m talking about philosophical questions or asking someone how something works or doesn't. Or asking them why they think this or that? Some things are absolute and some conversations can go on for years. And then there is the “You Shoulds,” do this or do that. Maybe make a start by stating to yourself “Today I’m going to try to listen more than I speak”.There seems to be a lot guessing going these days. Conversation seems to be a dying art though if something does comes up for you in that conversation; that's where you need to go or explore. It seems our egos are doing all the talking these days.



 Music Observations


My favourite singer song writers are Billy Joel, Sisto Rodriguez and Sting. 

My favourite Australian Jazz Musicians are Bernie McGann, Vince Jones and Smacka Fitzgibbon.

My favourite female singer songwriters are Carol King,Beth Nielsen Chapman and Nina Simone.

My favourite all time male singers are Dean Martin,George Michael and Donny Hathaway

My favourite all time female singers are Ella Fitzgerald,Anita Baker and Julie London

My favourite Rock Bands Santana,Bad Company,The Little River Band, before they sold their rights.


Best Jazz Musicians I have played with and their Instrument.

Best Double Bass Players would have to be Adam Spiegl and

 for Electric Bass it's the Master; Senor Jorge Alberquerque. 

And for the best Jazz Guitarist; it's an odd choice because this 

guy mainly plays Reggae though when I played with him and 

when he was on song there was no one better than Steven Silk.

And Kosta Glouzman is a creative genius on the piano.