Big Brother is Here!


Big Brother is here in another guise. Big Brother is Multi National Companies or Large Corporations. It’s The Macdonaldization or the Multli Level Marketing cancer that kills off humanity. Like the slow eventual boiling of a frog in a pot of cold water under a flame; we see the results far too late. By then the people shrug their shoulders and say “that’s just the way it is mate”. They except it like many except formalised religion..Basically they are accepting money/power over sense. I remember once remonstrating with a work colleague that he stop wearing the free Tee Shirt he was given by the large company we worked for. He really just hadn’t thought about it. Many of these companies will take your soul.. And like the poor old boiling frog the many see it; all too late. Before too long they will indoctrinated by the companies ideology. Again a bit like religion or power it will eventually win..That is why Narcissist’s do so well in these conditions. For they have zero empathy and they are happy to follow the companies line. Whatever that maybe. I believe that one in every four people is a Narcissist. So in that knowledge we must assume that not all people can not be trusted to do the fair thing.Some staff abuse the public's privacy. The Multi Level Marketing Concept has always been about exploiting the worst side of human nature. As John Lennon’s eloquent lyrics say in his song “Working Class Hero”. “There’s Room at Top They are telling you still”. “But first must learn how to smile as you kill; “if you want to be like the folks on the hill.”. Power can manipulate any whim to achieve an outcome. That’s why the world needs strong hard-line regulations for companies and businesses. Especially now with AI and all the technological devices. Now, you really need to do a 3 year technology degree to fully understand Computer Technology. And by that time you will probably have to do another course to understand the new technology coming out. And never before have we seen such a match made in Hell with Capitalism and technology and Artificial Intelligence. Companies probably have a 100 year forecast plans. Huston! we already have a big problem now! Personally I'd prefer stand alone apps and; that I have full control of a device without the internet doing the changes on my laptop and collecting data. Here’s the thing I’'d pay an extra $500 for a  computer that does this. I know this would sound crazy at a Geeks Fondue Pyjama Party. Have they not watched Midnight Express. And with the fact we have all this new clandestine recording equipment and spy- cameras and tracking devises available to us; there are many Big Brothers watching us. And for some time I have been worried about my last colonoscopy. Something I used to joke about. Though there was a last minute replacement by a surgeon called Doctor Christian Szell. Mmmm.