Living in the Moment
  • Living in the Moment
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Track List: 1 Lover Man, 2 You Don't Know What Love Is, 3 Just Passing Through, 4 Georgia, 5 I Fall In Love Too Easily, 6 Never Let Me Go, 7 It's Probably Me, 8 Time After Time, 9 Living In The Moment,

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I Woke Up Needing Coffee
  • I Woke Up Needing Coffee
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Track List: 1, I Woke Up Needing Coffee; 2, Stormy; 3, Good Morning Heartache; 4, Light My Fire; 5, My Funny Valentine; 6, Black Magic Woman; 7, Cry Me A River; 8, A Change Is Gonna Come; 9, Once You Know

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Living in The  Moment: Kosta Glouzman Piano, James Gilligan Double Bass,John Cameron Trumpet and Sax,Brad Saul Trumpet,Jethro Negron Drums,Marek Podstawek Percussion,Michelle McGechie Cello, Buddy Love Vocals.













the Buddy Love jazz trust: Lisette Payet Piano,Phillip Hayter Alto Sax,David Taylor Double Bass,James Osborne Drums,Buddy Love Vocals.
















I Woke Up Needing Coffee:Kosta Glouzman Piano,Jorge Alberquerque Electric Bass,Alex Burns Harmonica, Adam Spiegl Double Bass,Sam Lemann Guitar,Adam Rudegeair Piano, Ann Craig Flute,Dean Constable Drums& Percussion,Gerard Vandenbroucque Violin,Russell James Accordion,Buddy Love Vocals