In Celebration of the King



On this auspicious day I’d like to take time out for a moment of consideration and reflection for the recognition of the King. His body of work is unparalleled. I have followed him like a loyal subject since the beginning. Not sure why he hits all the Notes for me? Is it; that many of his songs are sung in a minor key? Is that the secret? For he is the grand-master and the William Shakespeare of Popular Music. A great philosopher and intellect and a man of fine words and insightful wisdom. There are so many fine sonnets and numerous solutions in just one song “History will teach us nothing” for one. Is it time he changed a chord; got his hands dirty and headed for the House Of Lords? “It’s Probably Me” just thinking out-loud. Anyway Long Live The King; The King of Pop music; Sting. Charlie's not a bad bloke either.