Housing Emergency and Perfection


 I am so glad Mr Anthony Albanese has stated privately that he will never ever mention publicly his so-called struggles growing up in a housing Commission home. Because it would be insulting to people who are renting or are homeless in 2023. As his experience pales into insignificance to the modern horror; called renting in Australia. I like what The Greens party’s Max Chandler-Mather policies has been putting forward regarding the housing crises. Though we need to start building homes ASAP. Though and sorry to quote Sting again. “The search for perfection is all very well. But to look for heaven is to be here in hell’. Greens; sometimes a win is a win. Grab what you can get. Though Albo is playing politics and doing The George Costanzza “I must be liked” act. Politicians shouldn’t try to be celebrities. We are in a crises Mr Albanese. I’d be bringing in the Army and start building homes made of mud-bricks lined with recyclable materials. Do something! do anything! Though lets build energy saving quality homes not crappy ones built by dodgy tradesmen. Surely we can use our imagination and ingenuity and make a start and build one home of quality. Mind you the other side have wrecked the joint. And anyway they won’t be back in power for another 10 years. Mr Albanese you have the ascendancy. Don’t waste time playing it safe. Get rid of those stupid Tax Cuts and also and get rid of Negative Gearing after the 2nd investment property and bring back the Full Capital Gains Tax or make them wait longer than 1 year to get any benefits. And you can’t keep bringing more people here if we can’t affordable house them. In the words of John Kennedy; Don’t think Do!

On a second view I am totally  with you Max and Adam  Bandt. Albo doesn't get it.


Investigate all the homes that are left empty for years and years and no one ever lives in them.

I know of one place that has been internally renovated 3 times in the past 12 years though no one ever

lives there. Houses, homes are like stock piling gold for the rich and wealthy. It's now a global thing

These houses are like Blue Chip asset-class stocks. They are held like shares and the renovations can provide good losses against company gains. Some religious groups and companies ie) pty ltd companies are buying up residential properties in a very big way. The average Australian desire to own one roof over your head is competing against this unfairness along with dodgy off shore funds that are invested into safe blue chip Aussie homes; that no one ever lives in.