Religion, Father Christmas and Community


It seems some are still addicted to surveillance, spying and stalking. And for some religious groups; it still is there go to position. For they are in the information business. They must know everything. That’s why they position themselves or make sure they have a person in every country, company, business, government, industry orifice and port across the world. They are very good at business of course though its more about the network. For they have always got there ear the ground. Maybe; it’s just fear about being an ethnic minority. And they still live by the old world underground network of gossip. The pros are obvious though the cons are organised religion itself. This year I finally got confirmation from the North Pole that Father Christmas isn’t true. Wow! It’s has been hard to process and soul searching time for me. Apparently like Superman he’s just a man in a suit. I can’t believe it and it’s a hard pill to swallow. So we are just individuals and we have to sort it all out for by ourselves? Well jeepers that’s quite liberating when you really think about it. Right; so what does that mean? Well; we can still learn from Religion? The Rituals are good. Maybe doing Meditation or Yoga with a candle in the mornings and saying an aphorism for the day is spirituality in its self. Connecting with your self and solving a problem. Connecting with yourself is Religion. Because if you don’t have any compassion for yourself you can’t have any for someone else. Second issue is we need community. Maybe we just need some organised Community Talk cafes where we just chat to anyone and everyone of all ages about anything. There is enough good philosophy and psychology out there to guide us all. I am now embracing the fact that Santa isn’t true. It’s hard though maybe I can finally grow up and stand on my own 2 feet. Why was I getting so excited for just one day of the year anyway? When I can get in touch with me everyday. All organised Religion obviously has the good, bad and ugly side in them though some behave like the Mafia.And the breakdown of Religion and people leaving it has seen a rise in antisocial behaviour where some head toward some unproven conspiracy theories or end up in some Red Neck Cult; like the sycophants who follow an ex President. Maybe real religion is having the courage to work on your own shortcomings and to realise in the end we are all on our own. You don’t have to join a club to be member of the human race. The noise of power and the kaos of society is the antithesis of what we need. And trouble is always caused by the cowards and Narcissists. The thing is; I can handle angry, sad, opposite, difficult, unauthentic people though the cowardly manipulative types you can never trust. Religion was and is a man made construct to control people. And I believe children shouldn’t be taught religion until they are 18 years of age. It should be like getting your car license. Basically any younger than 18 years is an indoctrination of the innocent. Groucho Marx said it best. “I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member”. Along with Groucho’s fine teachings comic great “Saint George Carlin” has left us with some funny and articulate rants and genius on religion. And, science communicator, astronomer and atheist Carl Sagon had some interesting views on religion; saying “spirituality should be scientifically informed and traditional religions should be abandoned”. That sounds like a far more exiting and liberating future and than viewing it through all these ridiculous archaic Religions.