Sam and Jordan and Religion

The latest YouTube podcast with Jordan Petersen and Sam Harris was another loss for organised Religion. Psychologist Jordan Peterson retreat to religion is like a cry to Mummy or the womb when one has truly caved into nuture or what it felt like to be loved. Sam just played a straight bat and hit ignorance and fanaticism for 6; ever so nicely of  course. Six is a cricketing term for our dear American friends. It's like hitting a home run in baseball .We will all do the cry to Mummy sometime in our lives even Sam. Good to see Jordan looking relaxed and composed and more professional than I’d seen him for some time. Religion lost again. “This is a  general comment”. Charisma, charm, story-telling soothsaying, convictional, car-salesmanship, from yesteryear doth not make it true. The only hell is here on earth and you will find it in evil trouble-making people. And they are usually the fundamentalist's.