A Cassette, Pettiness and Peace

Dear Osky Wasky Puddin Pie it sure has been some journey for the past 5 years. Your kind of evil has taught me a great deal though. There is no doubting that you have had a fine education and that you are a learned fellow though when push comes to shove you are just a slave to your nurture. And yes you do have a great deal of power sitting in that ivory tower pontificating on what us poor miss guided fools should be doing every day. You certainly are a man of your time. You have everything at your disposal. Technology, learned history, language, access to theologians and historical strategist’s and influential powerful connections. I am sure you must feel like a God sometimes or is it the devil. Whether directly or indirectly you know that I have had listening devices and cameras placed in my homes for the past few years and tapping my phone calls as well and getting texts from one phone company that say they don’t know why I am getting them. This has given you so much fun hasn’t it? Those cameras are so powerful they can focus in a small tablet like Buscopan. Then they’ll run an advert on that product while I’m watching a You Tube video. Sometimes bragging rights and an evil twists that the camera operators are having so much sadistic fun that they just have to let me know just how much power they have over you. Though; the main reason they film/photograph you in your own home is so they can get all your passwords from all the web sites that you log into. Or see what you are writing about on your laptop or break into my place while I’m asleep as someone already has a key. They can even jam up your computer so you can’t use it at all. Or in my case show a fake page stating that all my music has been removed. Along with all my private emails being hacked; its all designed to drive you crazy. I am not sure what spying equipment they use? It could be an Israeli company that make a Spyware product called Pegasus? or Candid Camera for creeps. I now have to cover myself with a bed sheet to use the computer. And the another debauched pleasure is found in running an image or an advert on You Tube about the activity I am doing at the time like a certain like a Yoga posture or something else. This is what you represent a powerful invasion of privacy. Though in your pettiness and your Achilles-heal and a dead give away with my my piece-resistance evidence is. And yes I don’t know whether I have been coming or going lately with all the stalking. Good Cop, Bad Cop stuff on the internet and spying. It’s all designed to intimidate you. From house break inns and surveillance etc. And the early give away of your evil was going on a dating site a few years ago and I was only ever being contacted by Jewish women. Yes that was so much fun for you wasn’t it Oscky Wasky? Though the theft of one little item from my current abode is so hilarious and pathetic and petty. And oh so petty is the theft of my cassette tape of Elton John’s “The Collection” Album was a dead give away of the your pettiness and invasion in my life and privacy. So I will state my view on Elton’s and Bernie's song called “Border Song”. I believe that Elton added the last verse to this song to avoid being called Anti Semitic. Or to put it this way, he did it so he could live in peace as the song lyrics suggests. Let us live in peace. So’ yes so let us live in peace. Though a last verse was added to kind of muddy the waters. Don’t mention the war smokescreen; with an early 70s US civil rights anti racist feel to it. “There’s a man over there what’s his colour I don’t care”. “He’s my brother let us live in peace”.Da Da dump da dum da dum. You knew I played this album quite a lot didn’t you Osky? I should sue you for loss of earnings and harassment and for not been able finish any of my projects for the past 5 years. And your other Jewish music friends who make sure my music is so hard to find online or its either found in “plumbing equipment” area or in the “Latvian Unorthodox Polka music” section on You Tube. You are such a cowardly sadistic man. …..And  you are still listening to my phone calls Osk-wasky.