Radio National

Radio National or RN would be one of the best kept secrets in Australia. 

I have been listening for over 12 years now. Though when I ask many 

people have you heard of RN? People say Who? What? Who? Then 

I try to explain that RN is short for Radio National and I can never remember 

The right word to say that RN is an “Acronym”.And they just glaze their 

eyes over or we go on to talk about something else.

 So I would have to conclude changing their name to RN would 

have to be one of the worst PR exercises in history. Radio National, 

 sure is a contrast to some other propaganda radio station on AM Radio

And you don’t have to put up with the commercials either.

It’s a pretty informative,educative, balanced and an amazing Radio station;

and it's available to everyone if you are looking for something different.

                                                                Though I’m still hoping Philip Adams takes a call from the average punter one day.

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