The Last Ditched Effort



It appears uncertain and rusted on LNP /Morrison voters are suffering from a version of Stockholme Syndrome. They have become so mesmerized by the great Houdini’ Rabbit out of the hat Morrrison. He is one of the greatest actors of all time and he is up there with Anthony Hopkins. Though I’d feel much safer if he was up there on the stage and not running the country. Because if this government is given another term I feel we will be headed for a 1930s type depression. The economy is rockier than is being told. The Swaggies defined the early depression and the neo homeless are everywhere; as they are the collateral damage of 26 years of “The John Howard Extreme American Style Capitalism policies”; still playing out now. Fear and divisiveness is their greatest weapon and Scott knows how to work a room like all the great evangelistic thespians. Convincing working class contractors to vote for the LNP because they will pay less tax. And the massive legislated Morrison Tax Cuts for the wealthy will effect the economy going forward and they will likely raise the GST to rescue it; which mainly effects low income workers and the less well-off the most. Tax is a very dirty word for the LNP; though its really code for not governing for everyone. For they hate the poor. We are now living in the haves and have not’s class system. And the privatized trailer parks are coming very soon.