Advice to younger vocalist’s singing to a live audience.


Advice to younger singers; fortunately or unfortunately you can’t be who you were yesterday. 

The body we live in; has other idea’s. Read Louise Hay regarding this concept. 

Your right little toe may not want to have anything to do with you for awhile and has gone on strike. 

And as you get older the body rules the roost so check- in and see what it’s up to. 

Today, you will be dealing with a very different beast so you better come to terms with it. 

Let your energy tell the story of a song as its better to build up from an unsure start than 

 to come out like a presumptional, expectational train wreck. It will fail every time. 

So learn to trust your anxiety, fear and the joy and the profound acceptance of who you are today. 

Some days you are just in a different zone not “The Zone”. So, unfortunately you just have to let it 

have its way with you. So you must learn to trust it and deal with it.