Give Me Shelter

If anyone hasn’t watched last years 4 Corners episode “No Place To Call Home” by Louise Milligan about the Australia’s housing crisis; they should. The lack of available housing in Australia is a pathetic joke. For the past 26 years the LNP only agenda was to rack up the value of residential housing via their policies by hook or by crook. They know the poor has zero power and that’s why nothing has gone into public housing. Though with that we have sold our soul to the globalisation of residential housing like a stock market asset. It’s all about the money and leverage. Some are buying homes with laundered funds. The previous government did everything in its power to allow this to happen. Imagine doing a full time job and coming home to a tent or a dingy hotel room? Though we will probably get used to it soon. And the Albanese government wants to bring in 200,000 migrants this year to please big business. Shelter. A home, is a human right. Next time some smart arse tells you we live in “the lucky country give then the finger”.